How to combine two photos into one in Paint

How to combine two photos into one in PaintIf you own a computer even at the level of a novice user, it will not be difficult for you to combine 2 photos into one. Some people prefer to do this in Photoshop, others use specially designed programs, but all of them, in fact, do the same thing that can be done with simple and clear Paint.

How to work in Paint

The Paint program is an elementary graphics editor that allows you to work with pixel images, making the necessary changes. With it, you can reduce the picture, make an inscription in it, create your own picture or combine two photos into one.
The main difference of this graphic editor from the rest is that it is built into the operating system, that is, it does not need to be downloaded and installed, like Photoshop or Corel Draw. An elementary set of functions, although it allows you to make a minimum of manipulations with the image, but does it quickly and accurately.

How to combine 2 photos in 1

There are several ways to combine 2 photos into one,therefore, some of them will be presented here so that you can choose and use the one that you find most appropriate and convenient.
Method one:

  1. Right-click on the image, select "Open with ..." and click on the word Paint. Repeat the same action with the second image.How to combine two photos into one in Paint
  2. Increase the area of ​​one of the photos by pulling the marker in the side.How to combine two photos into one in Paint
  3. Go to the program window with the second image you want to merge. Click on the "Select" button and select "Select All." After clicking on it, a dotted selection will appear around the entire image. Press the “Copy” button on the toolbar or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C.How to combine two photos into one in Paint
  4. Go to the window with the first image and click the "Insert" button on the toolbar or keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V. After that, the second photo will appear over the image. Hover over it with the mouse so that the cross-shaped arrow appears, hold down the left button and move the picture to an empty field so that the images do not overlap each other.How to combine two photos into one in Paint
  5. Adjust the image to the desired size by dragging the side marker to the border of the photo, and save the result.

In the same way, you can put photos from below, as well as combine more images by overlaying them in collage or positioning them around. This is just one of the most visible ways to combine two photos into one in Paint. Perhaps, over time, you will develop your faster strategy.


The second way how to glue two photos into one

There is an alternative way to use Paint to create one image from two. He demonstrated in detail in the video "How to combine 2 photos into one in Paint":

The elementary nature of the Paint graphic editor seems to many to be too primitive and of little interest, but, nevertheless, this program still comes with the latest versions of Windows. The reason for this can be only one - this is the easiest and fastest way to make adjustments to the image, including combining 2 photos into one.

How long have you been using a computer?

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