How to congratulate a woman on her birthday

How to congratulate a woman on her birthday

How to congratulate a woman on her birthday

It is hard to imagine how infinitely gray and boring our world would be if there were no women in it. Sources of eternal care, love and support, these cute creatures deserve the most flattering congratulations, expensive gifts and wonderful surprises. Here, choose beautiful and funny sms congratulations on the day of birth to a woman in verse and prose, and if you want to congratulate unusually - audio greetings and drawings on your mobile phone there too.


Be careful - do not miss a single little thing, planning a greeting. A woman is a creature, living, above all, with her emotions. For her, it is important not only what you gave her, but how it was done. You can’t just put a bundle with a gift in her hands, you need a special approach. Approach this issue with full responsibility: connect your friends or relatives, organize a small performance or a draw with their help, so that the presentation of the gift is as original and unexpected as possible.


Due to sensitivity to intonation, a woman often perceives certain things not as originally intended, so be as gentle and kind as ever. Try to maintain her good mood with all her might, sadness and disappointment should not look to you for a light.


Do not forget: every woman treats her appearance with special trepidation, so repeat as often as possible how beautiful she is, unique and desirable, especially on her birthday.


Take some of the domestic cares for yourself - clean up before the holiday, wash the dishes after the feast and take care of the children. At least once a year a woman should be left to herself, take care of it and gratitude will not keep you waiting.


Be sure to bring to this wonderful birthday of your beloved, a touch of romance: almost all women in their hearts dream of such banalities as dinner by candlelight and a bed covered with rose petals. Once a year you can afford to fulfill all her whims, all the more that all the kindness and caress that the woman has given to her will return in a much larger volume.

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