How to make a mimosa salad?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
July 5, 2012
How to make a mimosa salad?

There are no special tricks. The main thing in this process will be compliance with the recipe, tasty and fresh ingredients and, of course, the desire to cook not mechanically, but putting the soul and good mood.

Salad "Mimosa" - this is what we used to see on family holidays since childhood. He stands along with such legends of the feast as "Olivier" or herring "under the fur coat." Appearance of salad corresponds to its name - it depicts yellow spring flowers of mimosa. We will prepare the salad according to the classic recipe - from canned fish, eggs, onions and other ingredients.

How to cook mimosa salad

We will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 can (200 gr.) Canned fish in oil
  • 4 medium sized potatoes (300 gr.)
  • 4 medium carrots (200 gr.)
  • 2 medium onions (100 gr.)
  • Hard cheese 150 gr.
  • Mayonnaise 250 gr.
  • 4 eggs
  • Dill or parsley

The following 8 steps will show you how to make a mimosa salad.

  1. Potatoes, eggs and carrots need to be cooked.After cooking, let them cool and you can start rubbing grated everything boiled, while not forgetting to separate the proteins from the yolks.
  2. Then lay out the fish in a salad bowl, spreading over the entire bottom, top it with a little grease with mayonnaise.
  3. On the fish you need to decompose the grated yolks and smear again with mayonnaise.
  4. A grated carrot is placed on top of the whites and smeared with mayonnaise again.
  5. Pour boiling water over finely chopped onions and hold for 5 minutes in order to get rid of bitterness. After putting onions on carrots.
  6. Put the potatoes, lightly salted and smeared with mayonnaise.
  7. Grate the cheese on top and smear with mayonnaise again.
  8. The final touch is to put grated yolks on the salad and decorate everything with greens. Let it stand for a couple of hours and serve.

So, there is nothing difficult in how to make a mimosa salad. The recipe is quite simple, and the ingredients most likely will not have to search for a long time even in your refrigerator. However, the taste of "Mimosa" is not for nothing that became a classic - the salad is amazing!

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