How to crochet a hat

Knits are incredibly practical. In addition, they allow you to put the baby in exclusive new clothes. Stylish blouses, dresses, booties, panamas and hats will make your crumbs' wardrobe truly unique!

How to crochet a hat

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For a festive appearance in the world, you can tie your baby with a stylish hat, decorated with flowers, using a detailed description, as well as crochet patterns that will help even beginners.

In order to create a product for a child of three or four months of age, you will need to take a yarn of pink and white, 50 g each, and also a hook No. 3. It is best to choose a thread that is made from natural cotton. Pay attention also to their softness. This will ensure maximum comfort for children up to one year.

Getting started knitting, you need to consider some of the nuances of work:

  • the connecting side must be knit more densely viscous than you perform air loops;
  • the following secret will help to prevent color shifting: each circle row must end with an air loop;
  • each time you change the color, it will be optimal to insert the hook directly under the back wall, and the connection itself must be done with a new color.

The mating itself is carried out according to the following scheme:

How to crochet a hat

  1. Using a pink thread, tie a chain consisting of 4 air loops.
  2. Perform connecting stub in the first air loop. So you can close the chain into a ring.
  3. Next, knit the first circular row with air loops.
  4. Change the thread to white. Tie 12 semi-columns, evenly distributing them throughout the entire circular row.
  5. The next row of knit pink thread. You will need to double the number of semi-columns. For this you need to connect two of each semi-column. Total at the end of the series you get 24 loops.
  6. The next row of knit white threads. The knitting technique in this row will be as follows: you will need to divide every other half column by two, first knitting in the usual way. In total, thus, you get 36 loops.
  7. On the next row, which is knitted with pink threads, apply the following technique: two knit in the usual way, and every third divide by two, so that at the end of the row you get 48 loops.
  8. From the 5th to the 13th row, change the knitting technique: a blocking cap, while introducing a hook between the captive cap from the previous row, changing the threads from row to row.
  9. Knit the last row with the use of the “pitch” technique.
  10. As decoration use flowers tied from white and pink threads.

How to crochet a hat

Your baby will appreciate the beauty of the hats associated for her!

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