How to decorate the interior of the apartment in the style of Provence


What is Provence style?

Often decorators use Provence for the arrangement of country houses and cottages. This is explained historically. Provence style is the spirit of the old French province, also referred to as French country music. This interior itself dictates the presence of one-, two-story space with cozy corridors, bright rooms and small windows overlooking the garden. However, the apartment can be equipped in the Provencal style.


The color of the walls and ceiling in French country is more often light, less often - thick beige or purple. It is permissible to use any floral pattern on the wallpaper - it is better if it is a pattern of dried flowers in soft pastel colors.

If all such wallpapers wrap melancholy, then it is optimal to opt for wallpaper with the texture of canvas or other naturalistic relief, and hang compositions of dried flowers in the form of paintings and collages.


Furniture in the interior in the style of Provence should be mostly naturalistic colors - all light wood species are permissible. By design, cabinets, wardrobes and cabinets should be as simple as possible, up to clumsy, resembling democratic rustic furniture. Porcelain figurines, small panels with all the same dried flowers, as well as cute textile crafts, dolls and toys, which, by the way, can be made with your own hands, will make the interior liven up.

In general, separatism is one of the most important characteristics of the Provence style. The more interior items will hint at the self-ruined origin of its owners, the more likely the decoration will turn out. However, this does not mean that carelessness is allowed in the outlines of furniture or upholstery. Provence style is the decoration of a neat and disciplined middle-aged Frenchwoman, which does not allow dirt and disorder in the house.

If the furniture is made of natural wood, it is better to give it the effect of scuffs and old age, which experts in restoration workshops can easily perform. All sorts of textile napkins will give charm and comfort to space.

Provence style bathroom

The bathroom and the toilet will harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the dwelling even without pastel-beige color scheme. Provence is often a maritime theme. Therefore, the bathroom, made in turquoise-azure colors, significantly diversifies the monotony of the overall decoration.

In the same case, if the bathroom is made in a beige color scheme, it is not superfluous to include in it several bright accents of pistachio or emerald color. In this quality, you can use ceramics, frames for mirrors or any other elements.

Bright accents

Make the interior a contrast will allow the inclusion of black wrought-iron furniture or decorative elements. Forging may be present in the form of floor lamps, elements of upholstered furniture, framing a chandelier or a table set.

If this option is too expensive, then a dark accent can be included sporadically - in the form of elegant frames for black and white photos or flowerpots.

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