How to delete a group of VKontakte

Social network VKontakte, which began its work in 2006, today belongs to the number of the largest in Europe: more than 410 million registered users and about 88 million visits per day. It has all the characteristics of a popular social network, including numerous groups that unite people according to interests and other criteria. Any user who has a personal account can create and register his group in Contact. Of course, only he is given the opportunity to delete this group.

How to delete a group of VKontakte

On a note! The situation is not taken into account when the group is deleted or blocked by network administrators for any violations.

When it may be necessary to delete a VKontakte group? The most frequent reasons are related to the extremely low popularity of the community or the lack of time for its development and administration. Regardless of the motives available, the creator of the group always retains the opportunity to create a group, although very often community administrators simply drop out on their own public pages, because there are no sanctions imposed by the VKontakte network for this.

Before you remove the group VK

VKontakte group is not only a “club of interests,” but also a community of people, which is a potential audience for the purchase of certain goods or services. That is why many creators of such groups have the opportunity to earn money on advertising published in the community. In turn, this always makes it possible to sell a good VKontakte group to another administrator - someone who has time to do her promotion. Therefore, before you delete a group of VC, think about this alternative.

In addition, we must not forget that deleting a community page on a social network will inevitably lead to the loss of all the materials stored in its feed, so you should always double-check beforehand whether there are no photographs, videos or documents that are valuable.

Finally, it’s not necessary to delete your VKontakte group, because you can just donate it to someone! Ask your community members: it’s possible that some of them will be interested in popularizing the public, which will allow you to keep both your existing audience and useful materials.Who knows, maybe the group that you are going to remove due to lack of time to do it, in the future waiting for the expansion of the geography of the participants, filling with unique photos and videos, as well as greater opportunities for community members?

Step-by-step instructions for deleting the group I created in VK

How to delete a group in VK? In what sequence should the group be removed in the VC, which he created? To delete the Vkontakte group, the following sequence of actions will help you:

  1. Deleting a public can only be done by its administrator, therefore, as such, you must first go to your VKontakte page, and then go to the group. All basic actions for deleting a group are made in the administrative panel, which can be opened by going to the “Community Management” section:

How to delete a group of VKontakte

  1. In the tab “Information” you will need to edit all the items without exception:
  • instead of the group name, enter any character set (otherwise the group will not be deleted);
  • text in other fillable forms must be erased;
  • It is necessary to turn off the display of photos, documents, discussions, audio recordings, etc .;
  • type of group - specify "private".

How to delete a group of VKontakte

After the done actions we save the changes made.

  1. Then you must remove all community members, which you can do on the Members tab. The administrator deletes himself last. The same should be done with regard to the leaders of the group of VKontakte, if available, the tab “Managers”.

How to delete a group of VKontakte

  1. Finishing stage - click on the button "Leave the group."

How to delete a group of VKontakte

Now your group is deleted!

On a note! At the end of the procedure, it is worth making sure that the public is deleted. To do this, go to your personal page and check if there is a remote group in the list. It is also recommended to check its availability in the community search form. If no method has helped detect the public, it has been successfully removed!

Another way to delete a group VKontakte

Removing a community with a large number of participants using the above method may seem too tedious, so experienced administrators recommend using an alternative option: delete the group through the technical support of the social network "VKontakte". To do this, go to your account and find the menu item "Help".

How to delete a group of VKontakte

Further we find the inscription "Here you can report ..." and under itWe enter the request to help with the removal of our own group. Best of all, if this request is extremely concise:

“Hello, please delete my group…. (link)".

How quickly the network administrators will react to this message and will react at all - it's hard to answer. But practice shows that these requests are almost not ignored.

Video: how to delete a group in a contact

Now you know the whole two ways to delete a public facebook. A more detailed understanding of how you can quickly delete the page of the VKontakte group, as well as all members of your community in the VC, will help the following video. Follow the instructions and you can delete your group in just 3 minutes.

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