How to draw a frame for drawing

Select the desired paperman format - thick paper on which you will draw a frame. Most commonly used in drawing are such standard sheet formats as A4, which dimensions are 210x297mm, A3 with dimensions 297x420mm, A2 with dimensions 420x594mm and A1 with dimensions 594x841mm.
Prepare pencils and rulers with which you will draw a frame. It is most convenient for such purposes to use pencils with a soft stylus, which when drawing give a clear, bright line. To fill in the text of the main inscription of a drawing, it is better to use pencils with a more solid stylus. The inscription made in such a pencil is not smeared and looks neat. Prefer a wooden ruler, which leaves a minimum amount of traces of the slate on paper. To draw a frame, it is also convenient to use a cross-brush, with which you can easily draw parallel lines.
Draw a frame with a solid base line with a thickness of 0.5 to 1.4 mm.It is preferable to choose a thickness of 0.8 to 1.0 mm, such a line will stand out well, besides the lines of the visible contour of the parts will be the same thickness.
Use a template that is specified in the form 1 of GOST 2.104-68. The standard contains all the dimensions with which the frame and the main title should be made. It should be located in the lower right corner of the drawing.
When running the frame on a computer using computer-aided design systems, you should also use the frame template specified in GOST. The use of CAD greatly facilitates the implementation of frames and drawings, because you do not need to worry that the paper will be stained or torn, and the pencil lead will break. Do not forget to specify in the program the thickness of the lines with which the frame will be drawn.

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