How to draw a turtle?

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How to draw a turtle?

Since childhood, we love the cartoon "Ninja Turtles", where the main characters are 4 mutant turtles studying martial arts: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo. Surely your child tried to draw one of the heroes himself or even the whole team, or maybe he asked you to do it.

Today we will talk about how to draw a ninja turtle with a pencil, and you can create this drawing with your child.

How to gradually draw a turtle in a fighting pose

  1. Before we begin to draw a bug, it is necessary to determine the reference points. It is necessary to designate the shoulders, elbows and knees. In the places listed, draw anchor points. Next, sketch a samurai sword (katana).
  2. We start drawing the main contour: we draw the head of the hero, a hand and a shoulder. The arm in the fighting position, directed upwards, covers a schematically drawn sword blade.
  3. Draw the details of the face - eyes and mouth, draw them with curved lines.
  4. Next, draw a second hand - it is also raised up and holding on toTurtlethe base of the sword. We draw the handle of the sword.
  5. We draw the body of our turtle with the help of smooth oval lines. Try to make the turtle powerful body.
  6. From the body we draw part of the legs with lines extending in different directions.
  7. Next, draw the legs. Our hero is in a semi-sitting combat position. Legs make powerful and muscular.
  8. Next, draw the shell on the back with oval lines.
  9. Outline the blade of the sword - the blade. When drawing a skeleton, we depicted it sketchy. Now you just need to draw a sword around the contour.
  10. The main body outline has already been drawn. Now with the help of an eraser gum gently remove the skeleton outlined earlier.
  11. It is time to proceed to a more detailed drawing of our hero. We draw teeth, we give emotions to the face with the help of smooth bends in the mouth and on the forehead.
  12. We draw the main attributes of ninja turtles - eye patch, armband and a wrist band. We do the same with the second hand. Draw the muscles.
  13. We draw tapes from a bandage on the head and a belt in the form of a tape. We draw the belt as if it were holding a shell. The shell itself is detailed. We draw the handle of the second katana.
  14. We draw kneecaps.We pay attention to the muscles on the legs, with the help of lines we make the necessary emphasis.

Our little turtle is ready! You can color the blindfold to denote our hero. So, in Leonardo, it is blue, in Raphael - red, in Michelangelo - orange and in Donatello - purple.

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