How to enter the code in the "Rendezvous"

You will need
  • - A computer with the installed game "Rendezvous with a stranger."
Codesto the "Rendezvous with a Stranger" allow the protagonist to immediately move to a meeting place, bypassing certain dialogues or trials. All codes are entered directly in the game.
All passwords must be written in lower case. Cheats themselves are a set of characters of the Latin alphabet. For the first part of “Rendezvous with a stranger,” you need to type the following combinations: mcbbfx - Anya will appear in front of you - among all the girls you choose Natasha; pbgitx - automatic transition to the game of cards; mbcimx - access to the final stage of the conversation with three heroines.
To activate the hidden features of the second part of the quest "Rendezvous with a stranger 2", first pause the game using the Esc button.Enter the following characters: qbcckx - to go to the light striptease of Kira and Mila; mbjitx - to stay with Violetta; pbggrx - a trip with heroines to the Polar Bear bar (put a disk №2 first); qbfgrx - to go outside with Kira; mbdglx - to win a billiard with Kira; qbcbjx - strip Violetta in the sauna with the subsequent transfer to the pool; pbddlx - the beginning of the game of billiards with Kira.
For Rendezvous with a Stranger 3: Resort Roman, all cheats are introduced during the game, as in the first part. Specify the following passwords: pmcecgy - go to a date with Marina in the restaurant; pmceciy - moment at the end of the fight; pmchcjy - go to the station; pncicly - toss Alice on the road; pmcjcly - stop to talk to Alice; pmclcny - move to the hotel room ; pmdcctg - together with the girls move to the beach; pmegcky - a date with Angelina; pmdicly - be in the same room with Angelina and Diana.

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