How to find iphone off?

The loss of the phone will not please anyone, especially if it is an IPhone, because the purchase is not cheap, and we are attached to our favorite devices. But, Apple has carefully taken care of the safety of its products, therefore, there are several ways to help you find your lost iPhone. We will tell about the most effective of them.

Phones lose or steal them. In case of loss, the person who found him may even initiate a search for the owner, therefore, you will not be without him for long. But, in case of theft, the situation is a bit more complicated. You can try to return the phone with the help of the police, but, as practice shows, this is not always an effective way. Therefore, the main hope for the security device.

How to find an iPhone if it is turned off?

Immediately it should be noted, it is difficult to do. Rather, it is impossible. In any case, you have to wait for someone to find it and turn it on. In order to hear about the location of your phone, you must visit the iCloud page.We will assume that you were authorized in it earlier, because this is the first thing that new users of Apple devices do.

Visit the page and enter your login / password. As soon as you log in to the system, a map will appear in front of you. On it you will see either a green or gray point - this is your phone. If the dot is gray, your iPhone is off; if it is green, it is turned on. By the way, even a gray dot can give you certain information, because it is in the place where your device was last turned on.

Search for iPhone using the application "Find IPhone"

In order to use this application, in case of loss or theft of your phone, you must first install it. We advise you to do this as soon as you bring a new device home from the store. To do this, go to the App Store, find the application and install it on the phone. After that, be sure to log in to iCloud using your ID.

The Find iPhone service is activated as soon as you set up iCloud. Also, do not forget to launch a function that will send you data on the latest location of your phone. When the device is turned on, this happens automatically as soon as the battery is discharged. If your phone is turned off, the first time you turn it on you will receive the information you need.

In order to receive location data, be sure to check the box next to the function “Notify me about the find” in iCloud.

In the application there are some more useful functions. So, you can set it up so that the phone will sound during the search. This will help to find an iPhone in the apartment very quickly and easily.

With it, you can lock the device if you suspect that it was stolen. If, on the other hand, you hope that you have lost your iPhone and you have found it to be a decent person, you can show a phone number on a locked screen with which you can be contacted.

If you have tried all possible search methods and no longer hope for a result, you can erase all your data from the device and no one will have access to your information.

If you can not find your iPhone using our tips, do not despair. Try to call him, maybe everything is not so bad and at the other end of the wire there will be a person who is also looking for you to give the find.

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