How to find the length of the center line of a triangle?

Alina Alexandrova
Alina Alexandrova
January 30, 2013
How to find the length of the center line of a triangle?

You wonder how you can calculate and find the middle line of the triangle. Then for the cause.

Find the length of the middle line of the triangle is quite simple. Since the triangle has three sides, respectively, three angles, and it may be possible when building three middle lines.

What is a triangle:

Three sides (equilateral, isosceles)

Three angles (respectively, acute angle, obtuse, right triangles)

What is the middle line of the triangle

This is a segment. The segment connects the middle of the two sides of the triangle. Any triangle has three middle lines.

Property 1: The middle line of the triangle is parallel to the side of the triangle and is equal to half of it. Therefore, to determine the centerline of a triangle, it is sufficient to know the length of the third side.

Example: there is a triangle ABC, it is known that the middle side of the KN is held parallel to the AC. Length AC = 8 cm. AB = 4 cm, BC = 4 cm.Therefore, to find the middle line of the triangle, it is enough AC / 2 and get the middle line of the triangle. Answer: 4 cm is the middle line in a given triangle according to the existing parameters.

Property 2: If three middle lines are drawn in a triangle, then four equal equal triangles are formed. The coefficient is ½.

Property 3: The middle line of an equilateral triangle breaks the triangle into a trapezoid and a triangle.

Example of solving the problem: If we draw a triangle, we see that at the top of the triangle there is a figure with three corners. At the bottom of the quadrilateral is a figure with two opposite sides that are parallel to each other.

Thus, calculating the centerline of a triangle is not as difficult as it seems. Possessing information about the main property of the fact that the middle line is parallel to the base, we will find its value.

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