How to get a car on credit

You will need
  • -passport;
  • - income certificate from the place of work;
  • -copy of employment record;
  • - other documents at the discretion of the bank (military ID, driver's license, certificate of mandatory pension insurance, etc.).
If you want to purchase incredit�car, first of all decide what kind of model you want. Any dealership will be able to offer you something suitable for both money and taste. Having decided on the choice, you need to order a vehicle. There are times when you have to wait until they bring him to a car dealership. Then you pay an initial payment of 10% of the total cost of the car. While the dealership will be engaged in ordering, delivery and registration, you need to contact the bank with an application for carscredit.
For registrationthe car�atcredit�you will need:
- certificate of employment;
- certified copy of work record;
-additional documents at the discretion of the bank (military ID, driver's license, certificate of mandatory pension insurance, and others).
Based on the application and attached documents, the bank will consider your application within 3 working days. And as soon as he makes a positive decision, and the car arrives at the car wash, you can arrange a carcredit.
You will need to immediately arrange two insurance for the car - it is a CTP and CASCO. Insurancethe car�from damage and theft is part of the mandatory programcreditof Without it, the bank may not approve youcredit. In addition, be prepared for the fact that you have to immediately pay a fairly large amount of money. However, there are banks that include the cost of insurance in the amountcredita. After completing all the necessary documents for the car you will need to take them to the bank, whose employees will have already prepared a contract that you will need to read and sign.
The next day, the bank will transfer money to the official dealerthe carand you can come and pick up your car.
Payments by carcreditu will need to be paid monthly.
In addition, you will need to purchase two insurance during the entire time that the car is pledged to the bank.
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Helpful advice
The bank that will provide you with a car loan will ask you to bring a TCP in the near future. This means that you as soon as possible will need to go to the traffic police MREO and put the car registration. PTS will be kept by the bank until you fully repay the loan. On your hands you will only have a certified copy of the technical passport.

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