How to get a job in Germany in 2018

Refer to one of the sites on which job ads abroad are posted (including in Germany). For example, on However, many employers, even those who publish advertisements in Russian (most likely from among former citizens of Russia and the CIS countries), require applicants to be fluent in German or at least English at an acceptable level. The point here is not even that you may need to work for one of these languages, but that all the forms of documents that you will have to arrange yourself can only be completed in German or English.
If you speak German, at least at the elementary level, go to the labor exchanges online in Germany (,, etc.) and find the vacancies you are interested in.
Finish special language courses for those leaving for permanent residence in Germany or who wish to get a job in this country and receive a certificate of their completion. In the event that you already speak German, take special tests immediately.
As a result of the search, contact the employer (or his representative in Germany or Russia) and negotiate the terms of the employment contract. It is usually easiest to get a job for those who leave for permanent residence in Germany and have a certificate of completion of language courses (with test results), a copy of which must be attached to the main package of documents. In addition, you will need:
- autobiography in German (with photo);
- a certified copy of the diploma from the university or secondary special educational institution (apostille);
- certified copies of certificates of marital status, presence of children and non-conviction (apostille);
- certified copies of documents from the previous place of work (apostille);
- certified copies of identification documents (apostille).
In addition, other apostilized documents may be required for work in each specific specialty.
Send the documents to the employer by letter in with the notification (you will need a special A4 envelope). Please note: all documents are filed in a specific order in a special daddy and only then sent to the employer.Some employers may refuse you only because the documents are presented in the wrong order, or the folder was slightly wrinkled during transfer.
If the employer has decided to conclude an employment contract with you, be sure to ask him if he has permission to hire foreign labor, and then sign the contract.
After signing the contract, send to the German consulate an application for a working visa, which can be processed within a few days to several weeks.

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