How to get rid of early wrinkles

If this problem has affected you, then begin to solve it immediately, without starting. Increase your sleep time and try to spend more time outdoors. Give up smoking, which has a negative effect on the entire body.
Do not forget to remove makeup from your face every night, while doing this with gentle movements, without pulling the skin.
Be sure to spend time gymnastics for the face. For example, during a work day, do this exercise: press your index fingers to the outer corners of your eyes and lightly press with your fingertips. Then slowly lift and lower the eyelids. Do this exercise several times.
In the morning and evening, do an exercise that relaxes the muscles of the face. Opening your mouth wide open, raise your eyes to the top, without raising your head. Blink frequently for a minute, then rest for a few minutes and repeat a couple more times.
Make active masks with vitamins. Crush two capsules of pharmaceutical vitamin E, and add two tablespoons of sour milk and honey. Mix thoroughly and add half a teaspoon of lemon juice to the mixture.Apply this mask for fifteen to twenty minutes and rinse with warm water. Such masks spend weekly.
Use oils. For example, prepare a mixture of equal parts of olive and almond oils. The mixture can be slightly heated. After that, apply on the face, conducting a massage, but not pulling the skin. After doing a twenty-minute massage, rinse with cool water.
Well helps mask of tea and mayonnaise. To make it, mix in a teaspoon of mayonnaise, sour cream and olive oil, gradually adding a teaspoon of strong tea leaves. Clean your face with a warm mixture of milk and water, and then apply a thin layer of the mask with a cotton swab.

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