How to help yourself wipe out bad memories

With each of us bad things happen and good things happen. But we tend to remember bad events longer than good ones. And if something bad and stupid happened to us in public, then our experiences on this issue are doubled. Each time, scrolling through the memories of this, we add bright colors with our imagination and think for others how they felt about it and what they could think. Or even worse, we think that they all remember it as clearly as we do. But it is not. No one will keep this negative in your memory, as carefully as you, savoring every detail. You can not even strain about this. There is a lot of confusion for all of them, they have no need and there is no place to keep yours in memory.

Time erases clear boundaries and details of what was happening, leaving only the fact that it was. And over time, people may have doubts about whether it was with you or with someone else.To make it easier for you to get rid of bad memories, you can use one of the simplest psychological techniques, but, nevertheless, very effective. For example, take a blank piece of paper and start drawing scribbles on it. Reproduce the picture of what happened, start to drive on the piece of paper while the memory is in process, without taking your hand off the piece. When finished, look at the sheet, it will have ugly scribble curves, they are just as ugly as the memory itself. Take this leaflet in both hands, concentrate, and crumple it with force. After that, throw it in the trash. So you sent this memory in the trash. After that, you need to reward yourself with something, or to be distracted by something pleasant. And it is always necessary to remember that we are not robots, but living beings, and that none of us are perfect to the extent that such moments do not happen to him.

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