How to identify a poor-quality metal entrance door

poor-quality entrance metal door

The quality of the front dooris the main measure of security at home. It is determined not only by the materials used, but also by the manufacturing technology. Relatively speaking, there are three technologies:

  • artisanal;
  • Chinese;
  • industrial.

The first one uses thick sheets of metal that are welded to the metal profile, most often a corner. Such “shields” provide some security, but, firstly, they are too heavy, and secondly, they are cumbersome, clumsy, and not aesthetic. To bring them into a more or less acceptable form, you have to spend additional funds.

Of course, China produces high-quality doors in many countries. But their cost is quite comparable with that produced at the factory. Here, Chinese doors mean cheap models of thin sheets,with a low degree of protection of locks, scant choice of finishes or its complete absence. They can even be opened with a can opener.

The main features are price and weight

Price is an important sign of the quality of the front door. Too low indicates low grade materials. There will be no protection against such a door, unless some very short time will please the eye. Worst of all, such a door can be issued for high-quality products, assuring the buyer of its reliability or even reservations.

For doors, the minimum thickness of steel sheets should be 1.2 mm, but it is impossible to determine this from the outside. Although it is possible to distinguish a fake. A thin sheet will bend under pressure like a tin. Yes, and the weight of the door hatch will be significantly light - this is checked if you open and close the door several times. Quality should "walk" smoothly, easily, but the weight gives this move some solidity.

Other low grade indicators

It matters how many locks are in stock. The minimum number is two with different types of mechanisms, or one combined. Their crack resistance classes can be from second to fourth.Of course, these should be models of well-known manufacturers with a good reputation.

Types of mechanisms - cylinder and suvaldny. Their combination increases the reliability of the door, since the lock lever is very difficult to knock out and the cylinder lock to open. It is good if they are additionally protected with armor plates.

Can be a sign of poor quality lack of anti-lock fasteners. But only if the hinges on the doors outside. Clamps hold the web in place even after cutting loops. Therefore, when installing hidden models, there is no need for them.

So, determining the quality of the entrance metal door, evaluate the following features:

  • cost;
  • weight (web thickness);
  • number and type of locks;
  • quality and quantity of loops, retainers.

However, all of the above signs can not be sought if you ask the seller for a product passport and a certificate of conformity to quality. Reliable doors - such as those produced by the Guardian company - must pass all the required tests, their results and are the basis for issuing a certificate.

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