How to insert a member?

Relationships between men and women will be an eternal topic of conversation. Perhaps some of us do not like topics dedicated to “frank” relationships, but they also take place. And as was said a long time ago: “what is natural for a person is wonderful.” Today we talk about sex. Rather, the first experience for both partners. We will tell you how not to harm yourself to stay with pleasant impressions after the evening spent.


Naturally, before starting a sexual relationship, you need to arrange a romantic evening or a beautiful foreplay. This may be the caresses of two loving partners. Perhaps put some candles and turn off the lights. This will only add spice and tremulousness to your evening. So, dear men, before you shove a member, make sure that a woman does not regret it and wants to meet with you more than once.

Note that pornographic films are not a textbook on sex. Much of what they show is not real or can hurt you and your girlfriend. So, if you are going to have sex for the first time, then do everything as usual, without any refinements.

For men

If you are a gallant knight of our day, then you will do everything necessary to satisfy your woman. But how to insert a member, that everything would be painless and to some extent beautiful? We can advise you to do everything slowly and not promote it at the beginning further a centimeter - one and a half. Since, if the girl did not have sexual partners before you, she would be very sick if the member penetrated her all at once.

So, be patient. Therefore, it is not necessary, as soon as you entered the apartment, to put on clothes from her and begin frank relations. Also, do not be timid, because the girl may also be modest and not offer to start having sex herself. Although each of you will want this.

For women

If you still have no experience in sexual relationships, then you do not need to show a guy or a man that you are ready for anything, even anal sex. This is completely superfluous. Always keep puzzles about yourself. So you will be interesting to the man. Therefore, do not immediately think about how to insert a member into the vagina, so that it does not hurt, and the like. We are sure that if you love a man, then everything will go in a natural and unhurried way.


Of course, you need to buy condoms, so you protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy. It is better to buy a condom with lubricant or lubricant separately. The fact is that a girl may not get aroused for the first time and therefore, for painlessness, you should use either saliva or special lubricant. How to enter a member? Do not hurry. To move the foreskin away or not is irrelevant. Drive a member slowly, with progressive movements, and at the same time, do not forget to ask the girl about her feelings. We are sure that your girl will help you to do everything right for you two.

But the most important thing is not to think about how to insert a member correctly, but to think about how to bring pleasure to your loved one. And if two people think about it, your romantic evening will turn out great and will be remembered for a long time. So, dear girls and boys, we wish you only good relations, pleasant impressions in your first sexual experiences.

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