How to install a video card?

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How to install a video card?

Due to the rapid development of technology, the time comes when the technical characteristics of the computer become obsolete. To play modern games or to master complex programs for video processing and video effects overlay, you will have to periodically change the video card. Our article will tell you how to install a video card on a computer without any problems.


Before you remove an old video card and start working on installing a new one, you need to check its compatibility with the current details of your desktop computer.

First of all, you need to find out if you have the necessary connector for connecting a video card. There are two types: AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) slot and PCI Express.

  • AGP slot is already a rarity, since it is a connector of the old generation, it is missing on modern motherboards and is extremely rare in stores. Such video cards are purchased exclusively for replacement.Installing a video carda failed card of this type.
  • PCI Express slot. Modern motherboards are equipped with one, two or more, depending on the model.Why do we need two or more connectors, we will tell at the end of the article.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the minimum amount of power required for the operation of a video card. For this part of the modern computer is responsible power supply.

When installing a video card, you should not forget about its size. A video card that is too small will not always fit, as it may contain one, two or three integrated coolers (fans).

Tip: before choosing a video card, write down all the models of the components of your personal computer, so that the specialist in the store will help you find the right card or tell you if the one you have been dreaming about is suitable.

How to install a video card

Before installing a new video card, you need to remove the old one, if it was installed earlier. Some motherboards have a video processor built into the chipset (chipset).

The process of removing the old card:

  • First, disconnect the system unit from external power. In order not to interfere with the work of other external wires, they can also be disconnected.
  • Remove the side cover of the case: it rests either on the bolts or onInstalling a video cardfasteners.For convenience, put it open side up.
  • Usually the video card is attached to the back of the system unit with a bolt to the retainer. It is also necessary to unscrew.
  • If there is an additional cable from the power supply, then it also needs to be disconnected.
  • Next, pressing the hardware (it is often located in the inner part of the system unit, at the edge of the connector), carefully pull up the old video card

Installing a new card

  • We take in hand a new video card and insert it into the same connector and in the same direction until you hear a characteristic clickInstalling a video cardinternal fixture, and while the retainer on the rear panel does not coincide with the hole for the bolt. Next, fasten the bolt to the rear retainer.
  • If you need to connect additional power, use special connectors (there are 4 and 6-pin). The cable to connect out of the power supply, and if not, there are special adapters.
  • We assemble the system unit (put the removed wall of the unit in place) and connect the necessary external wires.

Driver installation

The next step after installing and turning on the device is installing drivers for the video card.Most often the bundled disk comes with the necessary software. We talked in more detail in the article How to install a video card driver.

How to install two video cards

To connect two or more video cards you will need:

  • Motherboard with two or more PCI Express slots, with SLI or CrossFireX technology, which allow you to use the power of two or moreInstalling a video cardgraphics processors at the same time.
  • Powerful power supply, depending on the number and type of video cards.
  • Video cards: either NVIDIA with SLI technology, or AMD Radeon with CrossFireX support. They can be distinguished by special connectors on top of the card.
  • A special bridge that depletes video cards.

Connecting several video cards will allow you to increase the performance of your personal computer, as well as allow you to work without problems with the most complex tasks that require a high load. Also do not forget that to maintain maximum performance requires a processor with a high clock frequency.

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