How to keep a shape?

Almost all people want to be young and beautiful, however, not everyone can succeed even in his youth to keep a slim and beautiful figure. It may be connected with hormonal development or the birth of children, but very often it can be noticed that this problem also affects young people. It is impossible to postpone the care of your figure. You ask how to keep the shape for a long time? For this you just have to follow three basic rules.

Proper food - a pledge of slim figure

The very first and most important rule: our body is a reflection of what we eat. Based on this, you will need to exclude from your diet everything that may prevent you from being beautiful. As a rule, this list will include all fatty, very salty and sweet food, fast food. Rejecting it is considered very difficult for many. However, it is he who will help you to solve in many ways the problem of how to keep a good figure.

From an early age we advise you to accustom your children or yourself to the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.At first glance, this seems impossible, but getting used to such a diet is easy. At the same time, no one forbids consuming meat products, but it should be done with the mind. Try to avoid too fatty meat, since it is fat that contributes to the accumulation of excess weight in your body. The most useful meat is beef, chicken and sea fish, which we recommend to use in the morning.

Eating on time

In addition to a set of products, the diet is also considered very important. This rule is strictly followed by the Oriental people. The most favorable time, when the digestive organs work at full power, is considered, in their opinion, morning and afternoon, while the evening for them is the work time for other organs. Based on this rule:

  • breakfast can be tight, sometimes even twice;
  • at lunch the portion should decrease slightly;
  • Best of all, the last meal should be done no later than 19 hours, while the best time for dinner is 18 hours.

If you really want to eat at night, then try to drink low-fat yogurt or eat cottage cheese, chew an apple.


Save a figure during pregnancy, few people can, but after the birth of a child it will be much easier to do. The question of how to maintain a shape after childbirth can be completely resolved with the help of the third rule, namely with the help of motion. For example, nothing will prevent you from walking a few kilometers on foot with your child.

We also recommend going to work, school or to the store exclusively on foot. Also try to abandon the elevator and walk to the seventh and higher floors only on foot. Difficult? In a few weeks, you will not even notice that you are doing this with amazing ease. If you do not have enough time for all this, then another alternative would be fitness and workouts in the gym. Thanks to numerous lessons on the Internet, this is much easier to do today. On weekends, try to spend more time on walks and more often make forays into the nature.

All these three rules will eventually become a habit, respectively, you will notice that your figure has improved significantly.

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