How to lead a team?


In modern society, the financial situation becomes the main argument that determines the social status of a person. The only legitimate way to be at the top of the hierarchy is to get a high-paying position in a successful company, becoming the head of a company or a specific department. Being the boss, controlling the daily life and work of "subordinates", most of the ordinary employees dream of. Only a handful of employees are capable of becoming a competent boss who knows the nuances of the profession and understands the personal qualities of colleagues. It is not surprising that at the head of enterprises are managers with authority and respect among other employees. However, good leaders are not born - they become. You can have leadership skills and learn how to negotiate properly, but not be able to control the work of your employees. The main task of the boss is to organize the labor activity of the "wards", stimulating them in time or punishing them for their relaxation.

How to lead a team?

All the chefs began sometime from ordinary positions, performing ordinary work. Some chiefs could not cope with the responsibility entrusted to them, losing the confidence of their superiors. The main reason that promising employees did not manage to justify their hopes is a limited view of the relationship in the team. It is pointless to consider only the business option of communication between colleagues, forgetting about personal conversations, sympathies, friendship and hatred.

Only a few people who are able to manage a team and who know the peculiarities of work, possessing leadership qualities and responsibility can be the boss.

Based on the above factors, it becomes clear that a good boss should be - a sensitive psychologist, anticipating a change in mood in the team. If you do not learn to read the thoughts of your employees, stealing and lies will flourish at work, and the company's productivity in economically unstable times will negatively affect the profitability of the enterprise. In this situation, the only rational solution is to learn how to manage your "wards", earning authority and respect among colleagues.To achieve the cherished goal, you need to first understand the theoretical part of the following question: How to lead the team?

How to lead a team?

The tasks of the head

In each company, employees with different life positions, hobbies and bans are employed, so you cannot communicate with colleagues, adhering to the same format. Conversation, stimulating the work of one person, can have a negative impact on another person, instantly undermining the authority of the boss. People who find themselves in a managerial position must first look around, study the behavior and characters of the "wards", avoiding premature conclusions and verdicts. Detachment from the team in the first days of work will allow you to become a self-sufficient person, putting together your own opinion about each employee. If you go in the wake of society, you will immediately lose respect among your colleagues. The decisions of the superior can not be disputed, but must be judicious, weighed and just. It is not surprising that the newly born bosses go to trainings where professionals teach how to manage people and control the work of each team member.Once in the chief's armchair, the following rules should be adhered to, having been postponed with hasty penalties and sanctions imposed on employees:

Find out the traditions and practices established in the team. It is important to respect the foundations that have been maintained in society for many years - the main thing is that the daily life of employees does not interfere with production processes.
Meet the "subordinates", making for yourself a psychological portrait of each colleague. Find an individual approach to employees by identifying their preferences and fears. One "ward" can motivate a premium, and the other will only work under the threat of dismissal.
Find out who is the unspoken leader of the team. After getting acquainted with a person who enjoys authority among colleagues, you will be able to make a general impression about the foundations of the company. If you are a mercantile, cunning and insidious person, then the enterprise is stealing and deceiving. If you see in front of you a professional who wants to work for the good of the company, then all that remains is to send his ambitions in the right direction.Act on the situation, but to enter into open conflict with the unspoken leader of the team, not yet gained credibility among colleagues - an impractical decision.
Picking up the "key" to the secret desires of each employee, do not manipulate the "subordinates." Create a friendly atmosphere in the team, where colleagues will appreciate honesty and openness, professional skills and high level of productivity. However, do not forget to punish employees for misconduct, demonstrating the need to fulfill your orders.
Do not single out individual employees in a team, guided by personal likes. The award or praise from the authorities can only be received by responsible colleagues who have completed the production plan ahead of time or who have concluded a profitable deal for the company. Employees should clearly realize that flattery and friendly communication with the leader will not help on the way to career heights.

Having decided on the plan of upcoming work, it is important to pay attention to your own position in the team. Employees will always obey you, because violation of the order of the head is fraught with a fine or dismissal.However, it is possible to increase the productivity of the company, inspiring colleagues to work overtime and giving each member of the team enthusiasm only by example.

How to lead a team?

In this situation, it is important for a short period of time to win among the staff credibility. Show your colleagues professional skills, because they assigned you to a leadership position not through an acquaintance, but for a flexible mind and resourcefulness. Employees of the company should be clearly aware that your social status in the company is confirmed by qualifications and personal qualities. The boss is a self-sufficient person who is able to organize the work of the "wards", carry out tasks on their own, help and prompt employees, direct their energy in the right direction.

The head, who knows how to remotely monitor the work of each member of the team, will achieve the maximum level of productivity in the company

Useful tips: How to manage employees?

In order for employees to follow your orders without fail, it is important to choose the right behavior model. The manner of communication and the format of relationships with colleagues directly depend on the mood prevailing in the team.If the company is dominated by young employees who have recently graduated from a university, then it is preferable to pay attention to the training model of behavior. You should set an example for colleagues, advising them and helping them in difficult situations. The main thing is not to overdo it with virtue, so that the “subordinates” would strive to fulfill the assigned tasks on their own, rather than contacting you with the slightest difficulty. The severity and discretion of the chief - the way to increase the level of company performance.

How to lead a team?

You must monitor the work of each employee, paying attention to the relationship of employees within the team. Personal communication during working hours is strictly forbidden, because detached conversations negatively affect the work ability of colleagues. However, do not forget to keep yourself in hand, if things do not go on the planned course - employees should not be transferred to the panic mood of the boss. Remember the general recommendations for new managers, adhering to which you can learn to control the activities of each team member:

Contact employees by name, demonstrating to colleagues your participation in the life of the team. The boss who runs the company is the same person who should not forget about the rules of decency in society, etiquette and politeness.
No need to regularly remind employees of their duties, specifying the timing of the tasks. The just boss talks through a plan for upcoming work once. If professionals are employed in the company, they will surely hear you. If employees leave tasks without attention, then there comes a moment of partial change of team members.
Do not limit yourself to orders, forgetting about human relationships. Trust your employees if they did not give you a reason to doubt your professional qualities. The authoritarian model of communication should be used only in exceptional cases when colleagues do not understand the seriousness of intentions and the importance of the tasks set.
Learn to listen to people asking you for advice or complaining. You should carefully read the information provided, making a reasonable decision on the question.In some situations, "subordinates" turn to their superiors with pressing problems, which are incorrectly closed by the eyes.
Prefer to build work in a team using the "carrot and stick" method. Motivate your "wards" with awards and encourage the initiative of colleagues who want to improve the level of productivity of the enterprise. Lazy and irresponsible employees are preferably punished by applying sanctions and fines to them.
Take into account the opinions of "subordinates" in conversations on specialized topics. The engineer knows more about the structural features of the object being erected, so it is inappropriate to make a decision without his participation. In the team should be employed masters, whose professional opinion you trust.
Keep promises, showing employees the weight of words spoken by the boss. If you told colleagues that you are rewarding them in case of over-fulfillment of the plan, then do it - you should not jeopardize the competence of the boss.

Managing a position is not only a variety of privileges over employees, but also responsibility, accompanied by various problems.

In situations where the team refuses to accept your candidacy for leadership, the only way to change the course of events is to show employees their professional skills. Categorically you can not fall into depression and resist the condemnation of the public. Positive thinking and discretion will help you make the right decisions while maintaining self-esteem. Show your colleagues that you are a specialist who rightfully occupies a highly paid position. Even ardent instigators of conflict situations at work will not be able to oppose anything to your actions that positively influence the productivity and level of profitability of the company. It is worth noting that in some situations it is preferable to demonstrate authority to employees by dismissing a colleague for non-fulfillment of official duties. There are no irreplaceable people - each member of the team must clearly understand the significance of this thesis.

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