How to learn hypnosis?

Many people, including boys and girls of all ages, think about how to learn hypnosis for free, without spending money on expensive courses. And it is not known whether they will give any sense. Fortunately, for such people there is now the Internet, which, roughly speaking, can teach a person anything.

Today in our article we will discuss how to learn hypnosis at home, without resorting to the help of various teachers, the "gurus", whose recourse will cost you a lot of money. However, it would be foolish to hope that you can read one or two articles and start managing people just by snapping your fingers. Moreover, forget all that you may have seen on television in various television shows. As a rule, everything that is shown there is absolutely untrue.

What is hypnosis

Before you learn hypnosis, you should know what hypnosis is. It may seem strange, but you will not hear a clear answer to this question. It is important that from ancient Greek this word can be translated as �dream�. This is the whole solution.Hypnosis is the process by which a person is introduced into a state of trance. "Hypnosis is instilled sleep." It was on such a short but correct definition that authoritative experts in their field came together, of which we will discuss a little more below. During a trance (which you, by the way, have experienced in a natural way many times), the person�s attention is drawn inward.

How to learn hypnosis at home, for free

It should be immediately understood that hypnosis is a rather complicated topic, and you should not treat it lightly. How to learn hypnosis? Just like learning other things. Using books in the first place. Here are three books that are worth reading for a start. Read them in the following sequence:

  1. A.G. Pirogov "Hypnosis - The Phenomenology of Everyday Life";
  2. John Grinder, Richard Bendler's �Trance Tricks�;
  3. Platonov K.I. "The word as a physiological and therapeutic factor."

All these books you can find on the Internet and download for free. After reading even the first one, you will not only understand what hypnosis and trance are, but you can start practicing.

In addition to books and articles, communicate with people interested in hypnosis in the forums, and if it works out, in real life.Of course, if you move in this direction, you still have to spend money on the development of hypnosis. Sooner or later, but you will begin to attend courses, buy video lectures, etc. Improve, so to speak, qualifications.

To start is also very important to believe in yourself. It is important to become a strong person. But strong not only physically, but also spiritually, psychologically. If you are not decisive, self-confident, then you are unlikely to learn hypnosis (except in theory). Try to find and watch various video hypnosis sessions (especially, the so-called variety hypnosis). The true masters of their craft hold on confidently and make them pick up their every word with just one of their own looks. Feel free to imitate them and be like them. If you mumble, and not speak out firmly and confidently, then no one will listen to you. And what kind of hypnosis then can we talk about?

Learn from your own experience what trance is. After all, every day we involuntarily, but naturally we fall into this state. At bedtime, when we still seem to be not �there,� but no longer �here.� Or, for example, have you been with you when you are completely immersed in yourself, do not notice anything happening? Yes, like and do not think about anything.From the side it is noticeable that a person simply looks at one point and goes deep into himself. This is a trance. Try calling it intentionally. Cultivate a trance in yourself, deepen it, etc. You can also try to enter a light trance using this technique:

  1. Lie on a bed or sit in a comfortable chair;
  2. Maximum relax not only physically, but also emotionally;
  3. Try to turn off your internal dialogue (this is when we talk to ourselves in mind);
  4. The fourth item may be different. Try to concentrate on something. Whether it is a graphic image that you imagine in your head or the coast of the ocean where you supposedly are. The main thing is to imagine as if you really are there.

Remember that trance, as we said, is turning the person�s attention inward, not outside. After a few practices, you will definitely succeed. As for the study of hypnosis, then remember the golden truth: "The seeker and she will find." Go for it and go ahead with it.

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