How to learn to play Dota 2

How to learn to play Dota 2Among the fans of computer games, Dota 2 has recently received particular attention. Probably, you have already heard about this toy more than once and maybe even tried it. But not all newbies immediately get the desired results. For some it is very difficult to understand the basic principles of the game, and also to master what the initial actions should be. Learn how to learn how to play DotA 2 from scratch.


To get started, read the detailed step by step description, and then open the game on your computer and try using each of the tips.


How to learn to play DotA - step by step instructions


1. The first thing you need to do is choose a hero. Each character has its own specific properties, many of them have several roles. In the game, you can choose between two main categories: the characters of the kerry and support, as well as various subcategories. In this case, the hero Kerry serves mainly to kill the enemy, bringing victory to the team. A character support usually helps the kerry, guarding him from enemy attacks.


2It is very important that your hero quickly accumulates gold. One of the simple tips is to try not to die, otherwise you will lose some of your gold, as well as time for farming. Play as safe as possible.


3. Practice a lot. To begin with, you should play alone, trying to kill a large number of creeps. You can also practice by playing with bots. Once you master the simple levels, go to more complex ones.


4. Continually move around the map, do not stand in one place.


5. At low levels, you do not need to be very zealous with magic, wasting manna.


6. Avoid unnecessary waste of money, you still need them.


7. Play as a support, killing enemy wards, controlling the map and other important actions. Of course, for this you need to have the appropriate skills, such as treatment. Professional players are advised to carry manna and treatment in order to be able to gank and roam.


8. It is also very important to learn how to gank, because gank is one of the foundations of this game. To do this you need the support of allies and the use of various tactics. One of the most popular methods of killing is a gank made from the back.You can also try to go kill the enemy directly, using different skills. In addition, be able to wait for the right moment for Ganka.


9. You also need to learn how to navigate the map correctly.


10. Do not forget to help the allies when they are in trouble. You can move to them by teleport.


Now you know the basic principles and imagine how to learn how to play Dot 2. A girl, of course, this task may seem incredibly difficult, especially if she had not played such games before. You can read the tips yourself on the Internet or watch a video, but the best thing is to invite a friend. No matter how trite it may sound, the guys master these toys faster, so they can be excellent tutors in this matter. It is not necessary to deal with all the difficulties of the game itself, let your friends better show how and what to do.


In addition, you can be sure if a nice girl says to a guy: “I want to learn how to play DotA”, he will be happy to help her. Guys can also ask for help from friends. If this toy is given to you quite difficultly, just meet with friends on the weekends and try to play together.Sure, it will help you improve your skills and knowledge.


How to learn to play Dota 2


Another great way to learn is to watch various videos. By the way, many advise newcomers to follow specific professional players. The principle is this: when you watch a certain video, pay attention to one character and study in detail what exactly he does and how he behaves. This will help you to better master tactical techniques and various ways to cope with unpredictable situations.


A few tips for beginners:


  • Do not try to play against people, if you still can not defeat bots, this will only disturb other players;
  • play a little bit for each of the characters, so you better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and also be able to predict what they can do;
  • when possible, finish off creeps and opponents;
  • exercise a lot;
  • analyze what is happening, try to think tactically;
  • See how others play.


These are the main rules and tips from professional players. Of course, this is only a small part of the basics and secrets of this game. To master it better, you need a lot of practice. Only in this way, on your own experience, you can deal with it and start playing better and better.

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