How to make a carpet from Ikea John Snow coat

The company Ikea this year on everyone's lips: the brand Balenciaga cited the famous blue bag Frakta, then the costume designer of the series "The Game of Thrones" suddenly stated that the characters of the series are walking around in a frame in fur coats, bought ... in Ikea. You must admit that such luck cannot be missed. Therefore, after the clip about the indispensability of the bag on the Ikea page in Instagram, detailed instructions appeared how to make a cool fur cloak - exactly like John Snow - from the most common carpet of sheep's clothing "Ludde" worth 1,999 rubles.

Publication from IKEA Norge (@ikeanorge)Jun 30, 2016 at 12:06 pm PDT

Everything looks easier nowhere: take a scissors, a rug (if you do not like sheep's clothing, you can use a cow) - and hurry, winter is close. For an exact copy, the mat should also be treated with sandpaper and painted black, as costume designer Michelle Clapton advised.

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