How to make leg kicks?

Mahi legs include a set of exercises with varying variations for the femoral and gluteal parts of the body. With their help, you can successfully strengthen the muscles of the back, front, outer and inner surface of the thigh and buttocks, which is very important for health and shape.

With proper use of the complex and regular workouts, it is possible not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to strengthen the muscles, to make the hips with buttocks taut. Elastic and attractive figure will not only cause admiration from others, but also make her owner confident.

Exercise is not at all tied to inventory, so it can be done without problems at home. As weighting agents during home exercises it is proposed to use everything that can be fixed in the ankle area to enhance the effectiveness of training.

If you visit the hall, then at your disposal are many types of simulators to perform the moves. Use the cable for the lower unit and the simulators for the leads-ghosts of the femoral part, the crossover and other.Regardless of the location of classes, you can achieve a good result in burning extra pounds, gaining muscle mass and changing shape.

Load distribution

To understand the essence of the exercises and choose the most optimal option, you need to understand which muscles are most actively involved during the swarms. This knowledge is necessary for the correct implementation of the exercises in order to improve the effectiveness of the process. So:

  • to work out the biceps of the thigh and the gluteus maximus, back legs are necessary, and the zone of highest load depends on the chosen position - posture on all fours is good for the buttocks, and standing with a straight leg is for the thigh and lower back;
  • forward moves include the front of the thigh - quadriceps;
  • for the gluteus maximus muscles, a side-by-side motion is recommended;
  • well lead muscle driving movement to the side - inside.

For a comprehensive load it is desirable to use all the listed types in the training process, with the obligatory observance of the technique of execution of each variant.

The goal is to lose weight.

To achieve it, flap exercises are suitable, since they help burn extra calories and reduce the fatty layer.In addition, a targeted load on the areas of the thighs and buttocks, where fatty surplus is localized, will help increase muscle tone, tighten and strengthen the figure, improve blood circulation, reducing the risk of "orange peel", called cellulite.

For an active fat burning process, it is necessary, together with physical exertion, to regulate nutrition by introducing low-calorie foods into it and completely eliminating “harmful” foods, but not starving. The result and timing of its achievement depends on the symbiosis of these two components.

Another important point for weight loss is the pace above average, the number of repetitions of at least twenty on each leg with four approaches, the presence of a weighting agent.

The goal - a set of muscle mass

If you wish to develop and strengthen the muscles of the femoral and gluteal zones, then this complex will also be useful, only with a change in approach to the training process. A weighting agent will be required for the effectiveness of classes and simulators, if it is possible to visit the hall with a crossover for leg abduction or special simulators with rollers. At home, it is necessary to deal exclusively with weights or rubber expander to increase the load on the muscles.

It is recommended that the slow pace of execution of strokes with pauses per second at the maximum point of muscle contractions, up to twelve times on each leg, four approaches. In order to achieve the best result, the trainer is advised to combine the swing exercises with squats, lunges, buttock bridge, flexion and extension of the legs on the simulator.

Rules and Techniques

The technique of performing different types of flywheels is very important, so all methods will be discussed further, including the occupation of a crossover simulator. So, how to do the swinging exercises correctly and effectively, reaching the goal?

Option One

Swing back train the back of the thigh and the gluteus maximus, which creates volume of the buttocks. There are two initial positions, one of which is “standing” used in exercises with a simulator and taking into account the state of health, and the second “with an emphasis on elbows and knees” without it.

How to perform the exercise at home in the first position:

  1. You need to stand up straight and lean your hands on the support, which can serve as the back of a chair or table top. The loin is fixed in a flat upright position to avoid deflections during the session.
  2. A straight leg is retracted back to the maximum, with an abbreviated foot and heel, tending upwards. The back does not change position, only the hip with the buttocks is involved in the work. When returning to the starting position, the sock gently touches the floor.

The second position is most effective, because it has a greater amplitude of movement and the ability to complicate the exercise due to the bend of the leg in the knee. Thus, the muscles of the buttocks are more worked out.

Option Two

Move forward you can successfully develop the quadriceps on the front of the thigh. This exercise is simple and very successful, due to the ability of each individual to make an amplitude advance. The execution technique from the standing position is as follows:

  1. We become smooth, with the help of a hand we rest on a wall or other surface.
  2. Then we cut the foot and maximally raise the leg forward and upward, without bending it and rounding the back. Leg back to its original position.

Training with this type of moves will help to further strengthen the press. For those who have health problems, there is a variant of the exercise "lying", but it is ineffective.

Option Three

Exercise with the mahami aside from yourself or leads leads to a deep pumping of the middle gluteal muscles responsible for the ideal shape of the buttocks. This method will help give the pope roundness and tightness. Here there are three ways - "standing", "on all fours", "lying on their side", and in the conditions of the hall will help to achieve a greater result of the simulators. How to perform moves from the "standing" position:

It should stand exactly, relying on a comfortable support.

Straight leg with a shortened foot set aside until it stops at the hip joint. The back is flat, the body is stationary. Gently lower the leg back.

Option Four

This method with swings to the side is also called adduction, since the movement is opposite to the previous lead and in it the main load falls on the adductor muscle. The leg should reach the middle of the body and ideally go beyond it, straining the inner surface of the thigh.

The first method of "standing" is recommended to perform in the hall with weighting, and the second "lying on its side" at home to increase the amplitude of movement. If there is a load on the limb, then it is possible to effectively apply the exercise in training at home from the “standing” position, for which:

    1. Take a starting position with the support of one or two hands.
    2. A smooth leg is brought forward a little, stretching the sock. Then it is pushed towards the supporting limb, trying to get as far as possible beyond the centerline of the body. In the end, get a position with crossed legs. Return to the starting position.

The fifth option

Offshooting kicks to the side in a crossover are an isolated exercise to strengthen the buttocks and resemble a pendulum. Unlike his movements, the moves should not be performed by inertia, otherwise the gluteus maximus muscle will not receive sufficient load and time will be wasted. And in order to achieve the maximum result, it is necessary to comply with the execution technique:

    1. Take the starting position. Stand near the crossover right side, attaching the straps of the simulator on the opposite limb. Using the right hand to lean on the simulator, slightly bent at the knee supporting leg. Bend the waist, belly to draw in, keep the head straight and straight, and slightly extend the straight left limb forward.
    2. When you inhale, the leg is set aside to the maximum and fixed for a few seconds, smoothly returning to its original position. Then it winds up with the support movement of the pendulum to increase the amplitude and reduce the muscles as much as possible. Exhalation is made at the time of effort, and inhale when lowering the legs.

Tips for this type of exercise are the number of repetitions of ten times, the possibility of standing and sitting options.

To quickly bring yourself to the desired form, it is necessary to combine swinging with other exercises. Regular workouts and proper rest will help create an elastic ass and strong muscles of the thigh, as well as achieve harmony and health.

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