How to make a key chain with your own hands

How to make a keychain with your own handsWe fill our lives with pleasant trifles, and most of them do not have to be purchased in the store. Try to make them yourself. To realize your ideas in life is not difficult - just watch a couple of videos and everything will become clear to you. The only thing left for you to do is to find the right materials. Read our master classes and create your little masterpieces. Let them not be as perfect as they are in the store, but in each of them you will leave a part of yourself.
The history of this accessory began long ago. Prosperous citizens hung gold coins and metal circles with different engravings on the chains for watches and wore them as decorations. Only men could dress them, women in those days were in the style of fans and reikiki. Over time, they lost their popularity and moved from their vest pockets to keys and mobile phones. We invite you to share our passion for manual work and make a few trinkets just for friends and a loved one. To this little thing every day was at hand and reminded of you.

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