How to make a paper bird?

October 13, 2014
How to make a paper bird?

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How to make a paper bird?

The Japanese believe that the crane is a bird that brings happiness. This is where the ancient Japanese legend of paper cranes appeared. According to legend, a man must make a thousand birds out of paper in order for his wish to come true. In this article we will look at how to make a bird out of paper in stages.

Making a paper bird

In order to make one bird, you will need one sheet of paper, which is easy to fold and not tear.

  1. We fold and unfold our square sheet first in half, and then diagonally. As a result, we will have a sheet that is crossed by four fold lines in the center.
  2. We press on the center of the sheet in such a way that all the vertices of our square meet at a point opposite from the center. It turned out four triangles with one common side. We straighten out two triangles on each side and put the resulting figure on the table so that the center of the former, large square (“blind corner”) is on top.
  3. On the front side, bend inwards the two extreme angles of the triangles.
  4. Bend the rest of the upper part down and bend back. Side corners are also unbendable.Paper bird
  5. Now, on the resulting bend lines, we expand two front triangles inwards and upwards simultaneously. Repeat this whole procedure for the other side.
  6. Side triangles first fold to itself, then unbend and wrap inside.
  7. Now we only have to straighten the head and tail of our crane from the sides.
  8. At the last stage of the work, we slightly fold the wings and fold the tip of one of the lateral sides inward to make a head.

Another detailed instruction on this topic is presented in the article How to make a bird out of paper. In the same place you can find some graphic manuals.

The described technique allows you to make a variety of birds. They can differ in colors, sizes and even silhouettes.

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