How to make a small bouquet of flowers with your own hands?

For holidays, all people try to give a huge bouquet of flowers, but it is inconvenient to carry it in public transport, you can rumple and such bouquets are very expensive.

In our master class we will tell you how to make a small and interesting bouquet with your own hands.

Materials and tools:

- Flowers (several different types);

- pruner;

- cardboard base;

- wire;

- scissors;

- stationery knife;

- a plate;

- Thermal gun;

- pencil;

- wide satin ribbon;

- accessories (buttons, decorations, butterflies, beads);

  1. We make a frame with our own hands for our bouquet. We take a plate, apply it to a cardboard base and draw a pencil around it. Cut a circle. Inside we draw a circle of smaller diameter (you can attach a smaller plate and circle a pencil). Cut out with a stationery knife.
  2. We insert 3-4 wires into the cardboard base and bend it while making the leg at the frame. Usually there are cavities in the carton where the wire can be easily inserted, if not, then we glue the wire to the cardboard base.
  3. We take a satin ribbon and glue the edge of the ribbon from the bottom of the frame. We wrap a satin ribbon over the entire cardboard frame and glue the end of the tape with glue.
  4. We decorate the frame with the fact that there is a house: beads, pins, butterfly, ladybug, buttons. We glue to the frame with the help of glue.
  5. Now go to work with colors. The flower frame is held in the left hand, and the flowers are inserted into it with the right hand. We take the flowers that are the most (buds), such as roses and insert into the center of the bouquet. We arrange flowers of smaller diameter in a circle: freesia, eustoma, lisianthus, alstroemeria, and between them decorative greenery: salal, fern, bergrass. Tie the leg of the bouquet. We prune the stems of flowers with secateurs and in this way we get a smooth stem on the bouquet.
  6. We tie a leg on a satin ribbon and make a bow (or we pin up it on a pin).

Such a small bouquet of flowers is an excellent and budget option for a child on September 1, a friend for her birthday, a girl for February 14, colleagues on March 8, elderly people for May 9 or an artist for a performance.

Such a bouquet can be made to the bride for a wedding or a duplicate bouquet - this is the one that is thrown according to the tradition at the wedding or pulled on ribbons.

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