How to make an apartment in the style of "boho"

You will need
  • -plants
  • -Garlands
  • -Photo
  • -pictures
  • - antiquarian things
  • -color cushions
  • -carpets
In the Bohemian style, the plants are of fundamental importance, since they create a special comfort in the apartment, make you feel calm and satisfied. Climbing indoor plants, cacti, palm trees and wildflowers are great for "boho". Arrange them on the tables and tables. Dill, onions, lettuce and parsley can be planted on the windowsill. And some floral arrangements can be hung from the ceiling. One of the principles of Bohemian design says: "Flowers do not happen much." So if you are a desperate fan of indoor plants, then finally you will be able to start them as much as your soul desires.
Hang the lights in the workplace as well as in the bedroom. To them you can attach memorable photos or shots from movies and cartoons. If you have favorite quotes, then write them on the stickers and also paste next to the garland. This simple designer trick will help you relax after a hard day’s work and remember the beautiful moments.
"Boho" suggests an abundance of interesting paintings and posters. You can do it yourself or just buy art objects in the store. If you do not know how to draw and you do not have the funds to buy paintings, do not despair, because the content of the picture is not important for the Bohemian style, it only has to spill your soul out. So, if you just make a few brushstrokes on the canvas, in the boho this will also come off as a great work of art. In addition, add some bright pillows with interesting pillowcases. They will help to complement the artistic image and originality of the idea.
Antique items are perfect for Bohemian design, so at leisure you can run to the local “flea market” and look for something interesting for your interior. If a thing seems too old to you, then you can paint it or decorate it, thereby giving it a new life. Do not be afraid of experiments, because "boho" only craves them!
Order or buy in the store carpets on the walls. And not the kind that hung around your grandmothers, but modern ones, endowed with interesting meaning and design. They can be hung up both in a private room, and in a bedroom.Some special connoisseurs of the Bohemian style manage to curtain everything from windows to doors. But one carpet on the wall will be a sufficient element. Thanks to such an interesting design, your apartment will become more interesting and brighter.

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