How to make an ideal father out of husband

The period of pregnancy should be perceived as the happiest of moments in the life of the spouses. Make your man perceive your condition as something wonderful, unusually joyful. It is not necessary under the influence of stereotypes about the capriciousness of pregnant women in every way annoying her husband, forcing him to run to the store for ice cream at night, for no reason to be offended, referring to hormones. Behave naturally, try to enjoy this moment with your spouse. Talk about baby, spend more time together.
It is great when a man shows interest in everything related to pregnancy and the birth of a baby. Keep this hunt in it. You can be together like courses, read the relevant literature, watch a special video. Let your husband become a full participant. Just do not insist that the husband was present during childbirth, as this can serve as a real psychological trauma for the man.
Prepare the house together before the baby arrives.Make a list of everything you need, go shopping, allow your husband to participate in the selection of clothes and things for the child. Ask your husband how best to arrange children's furniture.
If a man does not stroke his stomach, does not talk to the child, do not focus on this attention. It is wrong to ask or demand sensuality. This will cause unpleasant emotions in men. This behavior does not mean that a man does not love you and does not expect the birth of a child. Perhaps he has not yet adapted to the situation, or otherwise perceives the situation. Give him time, do not be offended or moan.
When the baby is born, do not limit its communication with the father. Even if a man clumsily holds a child, slowly and awkwardly caring for him, still praise, encourage her husband. He should contact the child as much as possible. Ask him to help you with bathing your baby, focusing on his strong strong arms that will not drop the baby. Over time, the young dad will have a knack for him, he will carry out any cares for the child deftly and quickly.
Encourage, praise the man for the slightest good luck and advancement.Thank him for the fact that he gave you the greatest happiness in the world, because the role of a man in planning a child, his birth is important, appreciate its importance.

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