How to make felt

How to make feltDIY handicrafts - felt

In fact, felt is the highest grade of felt. Felt, as you know, is made by felting wool. Or - rolling out. Hence, the widely known object of footwear in Russia is felt boots. In some regions they are called wire rod. A channel of useful tips will help to do everything correctly.

To make the felt you need:

- down or high quality wool;
- roller or rolling pin;
- film pimple;
- warm soap solution;
- napkins.


"Felt" in French and means "felt." It is made of thin hair wool - fluff. The main use is the fluff of rabbit, goats, rabbits, wool of fine wool sheep, as well as fur waste of valuable fur-bearing animals. Distinguish felt smooth and nap. Vorsovaya, in turn, is divided into "felt under suede", short-haired, velor and long-sleeved.


Felting, or swathing, is a process in which the fibers of the wool are interlocked and intertwined. Due to the nature of the structure of wool fibers - flaking - wool has the ability to fall down. This is called a valkost ability.In the process of making felt, elastic fibers are intertwined in a special way, which then gives them the ability to contract under mechanical stress in conditions of humidity, temperature, and a certain acidic environment. As a result, the felt sits on the area up to 80%. At the same time, its density and strength increase many times.


To make a sheet felt with your own hands, which can then be used for decorative purposes and for crafts, purchase fluff or high-quality wool, for example, in the market. It is better if a particular host has goats or rabbits. You can buy in the trade network wool, already painted in the colors you need.


Before the felting process, rinse the hair well. This is a dusty process, requiring time and diligence. In the process of pulling wool cleaned. If it was very dirty, it is permissible to gently wash it beforehand, but without using the machine. The shop semi-finished product is ready for felting.


Prepare the table and cover it with foil. Place a well-concentrated soap solution based on laundry soap and pour it into a dispenser bottle for convenience.Water for work must be warm. Prepare sheets of foil film, photographic roller or rolling pin, napkins. Be patient.


Spread the first layer of fluff on the moistened surface of the table, moisten it with a warm soap solution from the vial and cover with a pimple film. Press down, smoothing your hands so that the water is evenly distributed. Seal with a roller or rolling pin. Lay the next layer, doing the same operations to achieve the required sheet thickness. Remove excess water and foam with a napkin.


Putting and rolling 5-7 layers, blot the remaining water with a towel. Cut with scissors and bumps to dry. Finished products use for the manufacture of toys, decoration of clothes and shoes. And all the flaws of the "first pancake", please note in subsequent attempts.

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