How to make red candles

Red candles - an essential attribute of love magic. After all, it is red that is the color of energy and unbridled passion, love and sensual expression. They will help not only to bring new relationships into your life, but also return lost feelings, increase sexual attraction. The combination of scarlet color and fire is truly a powerful tool, since red greatly enhances the energy contained in the burning flame. Do you want to change your life for the better? Use the magic of red candles!
How to make red candles
How to make red candles

You need

To work, you will need the following materials and tools:
  • natural beeswax and / or store / church candles based on wax;
  • wax crayon red;
  • aluminum foil;
  • ordinary kitchen knife ;
  • capacity of small sizes;
  • water bath;
  • chopstick;
  • candle wicks or natural cotton threads.

Step-by-step instructions for making candles

Step 1: prepare the ingredients

Break candles and / or wax into small pieces. If you are using store / church candles, do not throw away the wicks left over from their breakage, but set it aside for the moment - they will be useful later. Cut a piece of about 1 cm from the wax stick. Crush it with a knife into fine chips. Put this shavings into a container with pieces of wax and / or candles.
How to make red candles
How to make red candles

Step 2: melt the ingredients

Place the container with the ingredients in a bowl of water and turn on the middle fire. Melt the ingredients in a water bath until they become liquid with a uniform structure.
How to make red candles

Step 3: prepare the shape for the candles

From aluminum foil, build something like a box with closed sides. This will be the form.
How to make red candles

Step 4: pour the wax into a mold

Pour the melted wax intoform and let it freeze for a few minutes.
How to make red candles
How to make red candles

Step 5: Prepare the wicks

While the wax will freeze, tackle the wicks at this time. To do this, you can use the wicks that you still have from the breakdown of shop / church candles.
How to make red candles
WarningIf in the process of work you do not use candle candles and use only pure wax, then you can make the wicks yourself. To do this, take natural 100% cotton threads and twist them into 5-6 threads. Then dip them into the melted wax and place on a piece of paper. After the wax on the threads has solidified, your wicks will be ready to use.

Step 6: make the candles

Cut the slightly stiff yet still soft and warm wax into strips 2.5 -3 cm.
How to make red candles
How to make red candles
Separate from one stripe foil.Take one of the prepared wicks. Place the wick on the edge of the strip and squeeze it into the wax.
How to make red candles
How to make red candles
Use soft movements to wrap a wax strip around the wick. Place the structure on a flat surface. Gently roll it around the table until it is smooth and smooth on all sides.

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