How to organize a recruitment agency

The success of your recruitment agency depends on the number of orders you complete. Therefore, secure a stream of such orders. To do this, you need customers - companies and entrepreneurs. They need to be found in the first place, because otherwise the cost of placement and salary to employees at first will not make sense. It is easiest to find the first customers through familiar companies (those in which you and your friends worked).
Sign up as an individual entrepreneur. To do this, file an application filled out in the prescribed form to the tax inspectorate at your place of residence and pay a fee of 800 rubles. Do not forget to take a passport and write a statement about the transition to a simplified tax system. Registration will take five business days. After it will need to open an account in the bank.
An individual entrepreneur has the right to conduct business from his own apartment.Therefore, if you cannot afford to immediately rent an office, then take advantage of this and work from home. The main thing is to have a telephone and internet at home. But in the future, plan to rent a small room (20-30 square meters) in an accessible place for customers, preferably not very far from the center of your city.
If you have experience in recruiting for companies, start working on your own. With an increasing number of orders, hire an employee - a personnel manager with experience. It does not make sense to take the "star" of hr-management, since such an employee will cost you dearly, and even working in a small company can quickly become boring for him. But do not hire a student yesterday. It is also advisable to hire a visiting accountant, otherwise you will need to keep track of the accounting and communicate with the tax authorities on your own.
To ensure a steady influx of customers, think about advertising. Recruitment agency can be advertised in the business press, at conferences, on the Internet. Take care of the site through which you can quickly contact you. Print flyers and hire promoters who will distribute them at major business centers.

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