How to pack a gift?

Any of the gifts can be wrapped in shiny foil or beautiful paper, decorated with a bow or a traditional ribbon. This gift design option is quite easy and simple. But it will be much more pleasant to present your gift if it is decorated in an unusual package. And it will be even better if you think about how to pack the gift yourself, as this guarantees complete uniqueness and exclusivity. And in this we will try to help you.


So, before you start packing a gift, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • glue;
  • cardboard;
  • whatman;
  • Scotch;
  • tapes;
  • soft fabric or colored felt paper.

Gift Wrapping Options

To know how to beautifully pack a gift, you must keep in mind that it needs capacity. Make a festive package in the shape of a box or chest. You can use a regular cardboard box, chosen in accordance with the size of the gift. If there is no suitable box, you can cut the base out of thick cardboard.The base can be made square or rectangular, with projections or without - at your discretion. Secure the corners securely with tape and glue. It remains to cover your product with a beautiful fabric and add decorative details (original applications, side handles, a beautiful lock, etc.).

To decorate a gift there is such an option as to pack a gift in paper. A great idea is to make a big candy package. To do this, roll a sheet of drawing paper into a roll and fix its edges with tape or clips. The roll can be painted with poems, comic or romantic pictures and greetings. Cover the edges of your �candy� with elegant wrapping paper and tie them with a bright ribbon.

You can pack your own gift in a soft package. To do this, sew a pouch. This type of packaging is ideal for gifts that have curved lines or a non-standard shape. As a material for sewing the bag will fit any soft fabric, as well as felt colored paper. The gift should be placed near the edge of the material, then roll the fabric into a roll and bend in half.Tie the remaining loose ends with a bright ribbon.

If you want your gift in a favorable light different from others, then you have to show imagination. The gift itself can be packed in a standard packing box, but at the same time decorate it with unusual details. In order to properly pack a gift, it should be borne in mind that any of the gifts will liven up any exclusive item that is intended directly for the hero of the occasion. So, for example, you can decorate the upper surface of the box with a comic or romantic poem. You can decorate the gift wrap with your own embroidery, place a photo on it or put an interesting ornament on it.

An interesting and original look lacing, tied in an unusual way. It is traditionally and always appropriate to decorate a gift with bows or paper flowers. And intricately folded figures and parts are able to decorate and refresh even the most primitive packaging.

Individual packing

Your gift will attract attention if you can pack a gift in an original way. In order to achieve originality of packaging, it is necessary to produce it taking into account the interests of the person being presented.Most likely, the hero of the occasion has a passion or hobby - so why not use them when making a gift?

For example, needlewomen and seamstresses can be presented with a bag with a gift that will be decorated with a small ball with knitting needles. You can give a present to your brother or father in a kind of shirt - that is, build a paper shirt with buttons, a collar and a tie. A gift to a motorist can be decorated with themed crafts - a small horn, a composition of the steering wheel and wheels, and others.

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