How to pass the elimination in Varface (Warface)?

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How to pass the elimination in Varface (Warface)?

Knowing certain secrets of passing the level of "Liquidation", as well as having the skill in the game, you are guaranteed to be able to bypass the tricky mode. We offer step by step instructions with the passage of each stage.

Team building

In order to pass the liquidation in �Varfeys� as successfully as possible, it is recommended to use one of the two team members. The first is 2 attack aircraft, 2 doctors and one engineer. The second is one sniper and attack aircraft, 2 medics, an engineer.

Next, we will write down in detail the tactics of the players on each of the 19 floors of the building, which the team will need to overcome in the �Liquidation� to complete the mission. The item number corresponds to the floor number.

Easy levels (1-8 floors)

  1. On the ground floor, everything is the same as on the zero floor - just run and fill the phages.
  2. It is similar to the previous floor, only physicians are involved in the case, who will have to treat you a couple of times.
  3. Hold on to the group.First of all, remove the shield bearers, not giving them the opportunity to bring down someone on the floor.
  4. All but the medical staff must gather in the right or left-hand corner of the map and start shooting security officers. One shooter controls the side passage, the other - the left, the third - the right. If the �stick insects� still broke through to you, simply turn on the �fire on everyone� and smoothly remove the enemies. Keep on defending.
  5. Sit under the floor number - this is the best place. Sniper, it is desirable to entrust the elimination of grenade throwers, appearing from behind corners. The remaining team members are grouped in pairs to control the side passages and restrain the onslaught of the enemy.
  6. Get together all in one corner of the map. Cuddle up against the walls so that the shield bearers do not have the opportunity to knock you down. Repel the attacks of the shield bearers and do not miss the attack aircraft (they will come out from behind the corners) for machine guns.
  7. Similar to the previous floor, do not let the attack aircraft for security officers.
  8. All team members disperse to different corners of the map (otherwise they will destroy you all with a couple of shots) in order to control the points due to which the grenade throwers will come out.The mission of periodically restoring the health of the players rests with one medic who runs between the team members and heals.

Difficult levels (9-14 floors)

  • 9. All get together again. The attack aircraft monitors the upper sections of the territory in which special forces officers may periodically appear. The rest of the fighters destroy the shield bearers, guards, and do not allow the enemy assault group to machine guns. Doctors sometimes cover up fellows (during the reloading of weapons) and simultaneously treat.
  • 10. Gather in one corner of the map. Doctors let them cover up the fighters and treat them. Let one shooter repulse the shield bearers, the other controls the appearance of spetsnaz in the upper sectors, the third one blocks the approach of attack aircraft to machine guns.
  • 11. We have already told how to pass the liquidation in Warface, on the 4th floor. Here, proceed by analogy.
  • 12. The strength of a juggernaut is equal to its strength on the complexity of the "Pro". Gather in one corner and defend yourself from bots with all your might.
  • 13. Passing is similar to the tactics used on the 8th floor, only the strength and onslaught of the enemy is higher.
  • 14. Grouping in the corner. Emphasis on special forces - on this floor it poses a particular threat.Doctors perform their immediate functions, engineers - their own.

Very difficult levels (15-19 floors)

  • 15. Begins a series of extremely difficult levels. Now, to go through the elimination of Warface, you need to act especially quickly and harmoniously. For 2 or 3 people grouped at the points of appearance of the enemy (there are two) and give a fight. Just keep in mind that poisonous gas is sprayed in the corners!
  • 16. Here we have 3 times higher rate of fire and damage from snipers, as at the level of "Profi". Again we go all in one corner. The engineer repairs the armor and removes the guards. Attack aircraft are responsible for the elimination of special forces. Doctors are actively treating.
  • 17. Take a position near the place of exit of the enemy. And it is better to stay near the tree with the number of the floor. Each takes a certain point and controls it exclusively. Zalpov fire tirelessly shoot enemies. Doctors only treat. Engineer patches the armor.
  • 18. Similar to the 17th floor. We identify the exit points of the enemy, group together and purposefully exterminate opponents who have more powerful equipment at this level.
  • 19. The main task - to destroy the helicopter. To do this, hit it 3 times. To do this, after opening the doors, 1 or 2 of the most accurate and fast shooters in the company of a medic let them run to the location of the RPG.One fighter must kill three representatives of the heavy infantry, which will appear from two points opposite the elevator. Let the rest of them flee to the helipad, clearing the area from machine-gunners, attack aircraft and special forces. This will allow the first fighters to get to the RPG and destroy the helicopter. After the helicopter is shot down - run to the elevator to complete the mission.

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