How to perform control functions

You will need
  • - Administrator password.
In order to return functionsof managementcomputer, log into the operating system under the name of the Administrator account. To do this, select in the list at the entrance the account that has the appropriate rights and click on it. If necessary, enter the password. If you forget it, this is bad, but sometimes fixable. In most cases, the main thing is not to lose the main administrator password, and it is even better not to set it unless necessary.
Log in with an account with Administrator rights using secure mode. To do this, restart your computer, then press the F8 key or any other key, depending on the model of your motherboard. In the choice of the download option, specify “Safe Mode” or its variations based on the purposes of using the administrator account.
If you have forgotten the password of an account with computer administrator rights, create a new one in safe mode. After that, for the folder with documents from the former profile, make available for copying and perform this action by setting the newly created user as the destination directory.
When you make sure that you have copied all the necessary data to continue the work on the computer and there are no more original copies of important files in the user's folder, go to the panelof managementyour computer, go to account settings.
Select a blocked user and delete it along with folders and files from your computer. Thus, an inactive account will not take up extra disk space. In the future, create an alternative computer user in case you suddenly forget the Administrator password.

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