How to place a banner?

Advertising plays a huge role in product promotion. In the world of modern technologies, the Internet has the greatest potential, which provides access to a million audience of consumers of goods and services. One of the most common types of advertising on the World Wide Web is banner advertising. Therefore, the question of how to place a banner so that later it could increase the company's profit is very relevant.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is a graphic image of various formats, which functions as a link to a web resource that it advertises. That is, by clicking on the banner, the user is redirected to the website of the company whose products are advertised on the banner. Any banner, so that it can successfully attract consumers, must be created by designers taking into account the knowledge of psychology.

Before you place a banner on the site, you should carefully consider its appearance. Creating a banner can be provided to a design company specializing in creating banner images.You can ask for help from beginner beginner designers whose services are much cheaper, or create a banner yourself. You can resort to using special programs called banner designers. When your banner is ready, you can proceed to the next stage, namely, its placement on the site.

You can place online advertising on any site, but blogs, news sites, forums, and various non-commercial resources that have a good attendance rate are best suited for this purpose.

If you are a member of a banner network, then the task of placing a banner will not be difficult for you. On the websites of the participants of the banner network is a script that allows you to display banners of other members of this network. You should only upload the image, specify the banner parameters, and after moderation the banner will be visible to the network users.

Statistical method

In order to place an advertising banner on your partner’s website, you need to write a special html code for the banner. If you place a regular non-animated banner on the site and write the html code for it yourself, specify the attribute target = "_ blank" in it so that the link opens in a new browser window, since it is more convenient for viewing.If you want this link not to be taken into account by search engines when calculating the link weight of the page of the site where you place your banner, then you should add the attribute rel = "nofollow" to the html code. If you want to insert an animated flash banner on a website, you will have to use an html-tag. It is enough to place it in the page code in the place where you want to see the banner itself. Both of these ways, how to place an advertising banner, are called statistical and provide that only one banner in the form of an image or animation will be placed in the place strictly provided for it.

Dynamic way

Dynamic ways to insert a banner allow you to display more than one banner in one place of the site, depending on different conditions. If you want to place your banner in this way, you will need the help of banner rotators. These are special codes that will display several different banners in a specific area of ​​the site. You can make the banners appear in random order, and you can set specific conditions for their alternation. If you wish, you can use already existing banner rotators that are built into the content management system, or you can write the code for such a rotator manually.

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