How to prepare an original and bright congratulations to the child happy birthday

The most anticipated holiday after the New Year for each child is his birthday. On this day, beloved friends gather and give interesting gifts. Balls, cakes, greetings - these are non-replaceable attributes of the holiday. But parents do not always have enough imagination to come up with an original idea for a celebration.

How to prepare an original and bright congratulations to the child happy birthday

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How to congratulate the baby with the first year

Although the child will not remember the first birthday, he only learns about it from photographs when he grows up, but this is a special holiday for parents and the baby, because this is his very first birthday. Of course, this holiday is more important for parents than for the child himself, who still does not understand anything. This day has its own traditions. First, this is cutting the first curl of the crumbs. His godparents do this. But, in addition to this important ritual, there are plenty of ideas on how to spend this day:

  1. The traditional attribute is the figure 1. It is present on the greeting cards, and on the birthday cake. A unit is a kind of symbol, which on this day is not just a number.
  2. Another ritual, in addition to cutting the curl, can be done removing the impression of the leg and handle of the baby. Now there are special kits for this, consisting of polymer clay or gypsum mortar, which can be prepared for this purpose. The impression will remain the memory of the first birthday of the baby for many years.
  3. To please the guests, you can arrange a presentation in which to show the development of the crumbs from the first hours of life to the first year with beautiful music. This will cause tenderness and be sure to remember.
  4. Do not forget that this is the child's birthday, so all attention should be riveted to him, and not concentrated around the table with different dishes. It is advisable to do without alcohol, make snacks and candy bar.

How to congratulate a child on his birthday in kindergarten

How to prepare an original and bright congratulations to the child happy birthday

Some 2 years old children already meet in kindergarten, and 3 and 5 years old all the more. Kindergarten - this is new friends and communication, so often the birthdays of children are celebrated in a group.Of course, it all depends on the most preschool institutions. In some such events may be prohibited, especially with treats. But if your garden is loyal to such celebrations, they will give the kid a lot of impressions.

You can negotiate with a tutor and a musician about holding a small contest program directly in a group or in a music class. Pre it needs to be decorated. Let each child in the group draw a congratulatory drawing. If we are talking about the smallest, then with the help of a caregiver.

Each of the children can read a few lines of the birthday. A happy birthday to the boy may be as follows:

How nice to have friends!
I'm in a hurry for my birthday!
I have prepared a gift
And in the heart - congratulations!
Oh, how nice to wish
Health - two hundred years!
And hug each other,
And blowing candles together.
On the street, streams are ringing
On a fine spring day.
I'm jumping through them. I am glad!
A friend -> birthday!

How to prepare an original and bright congratulations to the child happy birthday

A happy birthday greeting to a girl can be as follows:

You're like a princess
Beautiful, wonderful
In beautiful outfit
With a full parade.
And the guests are beautiful
And everyone is clear -
It's time to congratulate
Say happy birthday.
Wish you success
Fun and laughter!
Eat cakes,
Listen to parents!

To capture the fun, you can invite the photographer, and if finances allow, you can hire an animator who, depending on the age of the group, will develop the program himself. You can complete all the action tea drinking with treats. Even if the sanitary conditions prohibit cakes with cream in the garden, you can stop on low-fat delicacies: waffles, cookies, sweets. The main thing is to find out from parents whether their children can have a sweet, so that later there will be no problems.

If a child turns 8, he celebrates his birthday at school. There are more friends here, so you can invite them either to your sweet home or order a children's cafe with animators, for example, your favorite cartoon characters. For this age, such a celebration will be remembered for a long time.

For a child of any age, a birthday is the most expected holiday, so on this day you need to surround it with positive emotions and impressions.

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