How to properly care for the first teeth of a child

The first teeth appear by the age of six months, but for each child - individually: for some, they begin to leave as early as 4 months, while for others, the first tooth is cut by eight months or even later. Most children have eight teeth by the year.

By the age of two and a half, there are already twenty milk teeth in the mouth, with which children live up to six to twelve years.

When to start caring for teeth

You can not take care of the first teeth. Abundant salivation in infants helps them to self-clean, and since the teeth are located very rarely, saliva washes them from all sides.

By two years, the baby's teeth are more closely spaced. Salivation decreases markedly. Therefore, self-cleansing is not enough, at this time they need special care.

A child under one year old can still do without a toothbrush.

How to brush your teeth

The quality of milk teeth determines the quality of the permanent. To master the cleaning in the nursery age is difficult.Some babies parents use a piece of gauze instead of a brush. Paste is not needed for this. Wipe teeth should be very careful not to damage the delicate gums.

First you need to teach your child to rinse your mouth. This procedure will also be difficult for him. Before learning to rinse, many children constantly swallow water. Therefore, parents will need a lot of patience.

When the baby learns to rinse your mouth, you can begin to teach him to brush your teeth. Parents need to take care of the purchase of necessary supplies.

What kind of brush and paste to buy

At two years old, the baby has a very delicate oral mucosa and weak enamel on the teeth, so an adult brush will only bring harm. Baby brush should have a compact soft bristle. It is desirable that it was bright and had an attractive shape, then the baby will be easier to persuade to clean the teeth.

Now in the shops you can find a variety of children's pasta, it has a pleasant taste and is completely safe for the health of the baby. So, if he accidentally swallows it, you can not worry.

Teeth brushing technique in a two year old child

Teach your child to brush his teeth without a paste, let him master the technique. Dampen the brush with water and show the baby how to properly hold and move it.

The brush should be positioned at an angle of 45 ° to the teeth and gums. First of all begin to clean the bottom - from the bottom up, starting from the front and gradually moving to the rear. Then, in the same sequence, brush the upper teeth, but the movements with a brush are made from top to bottom.

In two years, the child will only brush the front teeth, and only after four side and rear teeth.

Be sure to clean the tongue. Total brushing time is three minutes. To control the time it is recommended to purchase an hourglass.

Parents should monitor the quality of cleaning at least six years.

Brush your teeth twice a day - this is the minimum.

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