How to provide transportation services

You will need
  • - Room (with garage);
  • - licenses;
  • - employees;
  • - equipment for communication with customers.
Decide on the type of services provided. You can stop in a taxi or a limousine, medical transportation, courier services, business transportation and charter flights. Each type has its own characteristics, so you need to choose the business that does not have much competition in your area.
Contact your local government and ask what you need to do to open a transport service company. Usually you will need several permits, as well as licenses with registration in the national, state or local transport departments.
Call the insurance company that deals with the transportation mode chosen for your business. Thanks to the usual search through the Internet you can write a sufficient number of suitable results.Try to explore as many companies as possible, read reviews about them.
Get the cars you need for your business. You can also buy supported models and save enough money. If you find a car that has low mileage and meets your needs, first check it in the service station. When buying a large fleet, you can count on wholesale discounts from the dealer. Obviously, a vehicle is a key element in any transport business, so do everything that depends on you to get the right car at the right price.
Advertise your transportation services to a suitable target audience. Thanks to the Internet, you can almost immediately attract the attention of customers. Contact local newspapers and find out how much the placement will cost in the next edition of your ad. Create a website for your business with business cards with relevant contact information.

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