How to quickly calm your nerves?

Constantly keeping calm in modern living conditions is very difficult. Stress, problems, quarrels, blockages at work, haste - all this does not contribute to a good mood. And be able to keep oneself in hand and calm down at the right moment - a whole science that you will not comprehend in a few minutes. But there are simple methods that will help save your nerves and not become a victim of perpetual stress. And we are happy to tell you about them.

Only calm

Unfortunately, to exclude completely from your life sources of bad mood and irritability will not work, so experts advise to harden your body for stress resistance. To do this, get enough sleep, walk in the fresh air and relax.

But what to do when the situation requires an immediate solution? After all, there are situations where you risk boiling and hissing this minute like a kettle. Ways to calm down urgently are:

1. Visualization.Scientists have found that the image of water and something white soothes the best.And when you feel that you are about to "explode", sit down, relax, breathe deeply and imagine in front of you a swimming pool, river or waterfall with white water. Feel how it flows down from above you and washes away all negative emotions. In order for the squall of negativity to pass just enough half a minute.

2. Shower or bath.If there is a possibility to take a bath, give yourself such a little pleasure. It can enhance your favorite foam, a decoction of herbs or a few drops of aroma oil. After that, put on your favorite clothes for sleeping and go to bed. For those whose time does not allow to bask in the bathroom, suitable with a shower option. But be sure to be warm or hot. Contrasting procedures, on the contrary, lead the nervous system into waking states.

3. Breathing practices.You probably heard a lot about them. Now it’s time to make sure that they are personally effective. The simplest is to alternate deep breaths and exhalations. To make such exercises you need at least 10. At the same time, sit straight, straightening your shoulders.

4. Music.Relaxing melodies have a positive effect on the nervous system and help to calm it down quickly.In addition, this is one of the easiest ways to get distracted.

5. Mental attitude. Any way without the right mood will help only for a short period. That is why experts recommend paired with any of the above methods to engage in auto-training. It consists in pronouncing key phrases out loud or silently during a stressful situation. For example, “all is for the better,” “I am in complete control of the situation,” “I have people who will always come to the rescue.”

If you are a believer, prayer will also help you become calmer.

6. Comfortable conditions.Remember, in what situation you feel calm and peaceful. In the event of stress, try to recreate these conditions in order to regain a good mood.

7. Sweet.But what to do if the nerves are at the limit, and it is not possible to retire and create comfortable conditions for rest? Then sweet will come to the rescue. That it stimulates the production of seratonina - the hormone of happiness, which is able to relieve depression. But sweet and sweet. Instead of cakes and pastries, it is better to choose dried fruits and dark chocolate without additives.

8. Rearrangement.Eastern practices are based on the fact that positive energy requires a special organization of things around them. And even rearranging a glass with pens and pencils on the desktop can help change the course of this energy. To calm your nerves, experts on feng shui recommend rearranging 27 objects that surround you, and this will have a beneficial effect on your emotional state.

But even if not based on energy flows, even a simple ordering of things helps to restore internal order.

9. Aromatherapy.Smells can both excite the nervous system and have a calming effect on it. For this, lavender, ylang-ylang, lemon balm, chamomile oils are best.

10. Laugh.Another simple way to regain a good mood at home is to laugh. Funny videos, humorous shows, good comedies - they all reduce irritability.

11. Soothing.If none of our advice has been proven effective, then modern pharmacology will come to the rescue. All kinds of pills, syrups, drops, infusions, teas will help stabilize the nervous state.

To look for solutions to the problems that have arisen stands exclusively in a calm state. So down with the stress!

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