How to quickly learn to ride roller skates

Every person has a hobby. Some people like fishing, some prefer handicraft, while others like active rest. In the article I will tell you how to learn how to roller-skate quickly and show some useful videos.

Training does not require pumped up legs or supernatural abilities. Enough roller skates, securely fixed on the legs, and you can go to the asphalt path. The main thing is a dry covering of the road without pits and bumps.

  • If you haven't rollerbladed before, first learn how to stand on them correctly. Do not interfere with the assistant, who will play the role of support. The best result will bring an assistant who understands the issue.
  • Take the right posture, with slightly bent legs and a forward torso. Push one skate, and then another.
  • Make sure that the toe of the shoe in front looks slightly outward. Otherwise, your legs will get tangled and fall.Do not overdo it, and then the legs will move to the sides.
  • Without fail, learn to slow down. A special brake is attached to the frame of one roller skate. Use it at low speed. Inhibition takes part one leg. The loss of balance is fraught with a turn or a fall.
  • Some people buy roller skates without a braking system. Such rollers help to master various types of skating, for example, back to front. Brake ride in this way does not allow.
  • Full stop is done in several ways. The first method involves the use of static objects: fences, poles or trees. To stop hold the object.
  • You can stop using the lawn or overgrown grass lawn. It is enough to go to the grass cover and run. Eventually stop. Sometimes obstacles appear on the way and it is impossible to stop abruptly. To avoid a collision, use a workaround.
  • Prepare to change the direction of movement in advance. If you are going to turn to the right, push the right foot slightly forward and vice versa. Perform a maneuver, slightly sit down and slightly tilt the body in the right direction. After the exit of the turn, align the movement.

At first, training is accompanied by falls and failures. But even a professional is not insured against loss of balance. Be sure to use protective equipment. To improve the effectiveness of training, pay attention to useful tips and video tutorials. Do not accelerate strongly until you master the skills of turning and braking.

Video lesson for beginners

Constantly calculate the actions and monitor the situation on the track. This will help in a timely manner to maneuver and avoid trouble. With the help of recommendations and regular workouts quickly learn how to ride a roller.

Teaching a child to skate

The child learns rollerblading

Continuing the topic of the article, I will consider teaching how to ride a child's rollers. As practice shows, it is easier for children to learn to skate, training takes place quickly and easily, if the parents are interested in the child.

There are schools, courses and clubs, visiting which the child learns to stand on skates and skillfully ride. But the services of such institutions are paid.

Master the art work out and at home. Need roller skates and the right approach to training. A step-by-step instruction, which you will learn below, will help.

  1. Selection of clips. Approach the choice of roller skates responsibly. Remember, one set is enough for a child for several years. Even consider popular and fashionable models meticulously.
  2. Protection - child health. Obligatory purchase a protective set of a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. The child will not be threatened by rollerblading using protection.
  3. Training. Only a person who understands the intricacies of roller skating, is able to teach a child to stand on his feet and ride. Usually, daddies and mothers are engaged in the education of children, who run around the children in the parks and streets, giving tips and hints. This is not entirely correct. It is better to ask the child to perform a number of simple exercises with which he will get used to the "new shoes" and learn to keep his balance. In this case, the child should not slouch.
  4. Rollers properly wear and tighten. Starting the first workout, support the child until you learn to hold your legs in parallel and move it back and forth.
  5. First steps. When the child gains confidence, the first step is to be taken. It's about turning, bending and squatting. Parents should help.
  6. Introduction to the braking system. For braking in the back of the roller provides a mechanism that plays an important role. Teach your child to use the brakes and properly fall.

Do not forget, the achievement of the goal is hampered by fear, which hinders movement and prevents the adoption of independent decisions.

Video training for children

Children are afraid of falls. They will overcome fear, realizing that the protection used will prevent trouble. To do this, ask the child to kneel or lean on the elbow.

How to ride roller sneakers

Photo rollerdrome

Roller skates surprise no one. For many people, skating is an interesting hobby, allowing you to have fun and communicate with friends. Roller sneakers appeared on the market recently and people are of interest.

Next, the conversation will go about mastering riding sneakers. If you think that it is not difficult to learn skating with this unusual shoe, you are mistaken. A sneaker has one wheel, and braking is done by lowering the sock. Therefore, mastering the technique is problematic.

  • Take the starting position. Stand on a flat surface and place one foot in front of the other so that the feet are on the line.
  • Learn to stand. Raise the socks and hold the balance.After getting the result, do a few tilts to the sides to feel the balance.
  • Having learned to stand, start moving. Lower the toe of the back leg, slightly tilt the body back and start the movement, pushing away with the back foot. In motion, make sure your back foot touches the front.
  • Do not overclock at first. Before that, learn the technique of stopping. To stop, lower both feet and run a little forward. Otherwise, the fall is inevitable.
  • The heel is used as a brake. If you need a stop, raise the sock as high as possible, so that the rear edge of the sole touches the road surface. This stopping method is suitable for beginners.

It is easy to master the ride on “shoes with wheels”, but patience, endurance and perseverance are required to achieve a result.

Having mastered riding roller sneakers, it remains to find a place that is suitable for this kind of outdoor activities. And do not forget about protection. She will ensure that a medical insurance policy is not required. Even professionals do not go on the track without protective uniforms.

How to choose videos

Photo of a professional roller

If you want to choose good roller skates, I recommend giving preference to a comfortable model, corresponding to skills and capabilities. The market offers various options. Some of them are focused on fast driving, others on performance of tricks, and the third on driving. Rollers - the perfect gift for the New Year or birthday.

Roller skates consist of several elements - shoes, frame, wheels, cuffs, clips and belts with laces. Every element is important.

Since you are a beginner roller, first decide on the type of rollers. From models with small wheels refuse, they are focused on performing tricks and do not contribute to learning to ride. A model with a large number of wheels also will not work. Such roller skates are designed for high-speed driving. The model with four wheels on each shoe and brake is an ideal option.

  1. The main function of the boot is to maintain the foot. It determines the level of comfort and balance. Choose shoes of the appropriate type and size.
  2. Boots should be comfortable and comfortable. Do not stop at the first model you like. Only in this case, skating will bring pleasure.
  3. The quality of the rollers depends on the size of the wheels and the material from which they are made. Big wheels provide fast driving, and small wheels provide maneuverability. Pay attention to the hardness of the wheels. From the indicator depends on which surface to ride.
  4. From the purchase of cheap roller skates with plastic wheels, I recommend to refuse. It is difficult to ride them, and skating is accompanied by unpleasant sounds. Do not fall for the trick of the seller, offering bad goods for small money.
  5. An important element of the rollers is bearings, for the manufacture of which use alloy steel or carbonaceous material. The first option is resistant to wear and more expensive.
  6. For bearings used oil and grease grease. In the first case, due to a small resistance, rapid rotation is achieved. As for grease-treated bearings, they are characterized by greater inertness and protection against water.
  7. The frame attached to the sole of the boot holds the wheels. It is made of metal, plastic or composites. Attention deserve composite frames, characterized by high rigidity and the ability to reduce vibration.
  8. The last important element are clips - mechanical fasteners, by means of which the shoes are fixed on their feet. The main thing is that they allow you to quickly fasten shoes and securely fixed on the leg.

I hope the tips will help you choose reliable, high-quality, beautiful and comfortable videos. When you learn to go ice skating and ride, you will be able to burn calories, increase your endurance and strengthen your body. Perspective, isn't it?

Video Tips

History of videos

Every thing has a story, and roller skates are no exception. The official presentation of the world's first commercials took place in 1760. The author of the invention was Joseph Merlin. The patent for the miracle of technology took place in France in early 1819.

The first rollers in the world had wheels arranged in a line, but in 1863 quads appeared - rollers with wheels on both sides of the platform. This version of roller skates was characterized by increased stability, which reduced the number of falls. As a result, the quads for a long time ousted the classical linear models.

In 1876, videos received several innovations. It is a question of two bearings and a brake. If the design of the wheels for the time of existence has changed many times, the brakes have remained the same.

In the eighties of the last century, polyurethane wheels were added, which were previously made of wood or metal. In the first case, the wheels wore out, and in the second - the vibration was poorly damped. Polyurethane is an elastic material with excellent rolling resistance and is resistant to impact and abrasion. As a result, the wheels of this material increased the durability of the rollers, reduced vibrations and facilitated handling.

Until the end of the last century, roller skates were created on hard boots, until in 1995 one of the manufacturers used soft ones. This innovation has found application.

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I hope you found useful information in the material.

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