How to recover a lost SIM card?

Everything is lost! What to do?
Lost your favorite phone, and with it all SMS, contacts, call lists. Agree, such an unpleasant situation can happen to anyone. He may have stayed at work or with friends, and in a few hours you will find a means of communication again, but what if the device is lost forever? Most modern smart phones offer the ability to back up necessary data automatically and save it on a remote server or in the cloud. I have no doubt that you have saved the data and have already bought a replacement for the old smartphone, but what about the phone number - you can't copy the SIM card? In this case, you need to quickly take action and prevent intruders from using your balance, and then get a new card. After the procedure of restoring the SIM card, you can use your old number, save the remaining balance and tariff.
How to recover a lost SIM card

Step 1: lock the number.

To block a number, use one of the following options:

  • If you are a Tele2 user, then call the number 611, come to the communication lounge, or put a lock in your Personal Account.
  • Megafon customers can close access to the number in the Personal Account, explaining the problem to the dispatcher by phone or by entering the salon.
  • If you had a SIM card from Beeline, it is possible to install the block yourself in your Personal Account or report the situation to the support center.
  • MTS recommends its subscribers to activate the service “Voluntary blocking” and block the number independently, or contact the nearest MTS salon.

How to recover a lost SIM cardStep 2: getting a new sim card

There are only two ways to restore SIM-ku:

  • contact the operator’s customer service center by providing an identity document. The largest providers of communication services will ask you to fill out a special questionnaire, and then they will give out a duplicate SIM card for free. Tele2 has a duplicate of 50 rubles, and this amount will be credited to your account.
  • in the online store or personal account on the operator's website. Visit MegaFon or MTS website (“SIM-card delivery” service) to order a new SIM card with home or work delivery.Beeline subscribers need to contact the contact center or send an application to . Tele2 users need to come to the customer service center for a card with a chip.

How to recover a lost SIM cardNo need to panic - you can restore the SIM card, and this instruction lists the most common methods of returning the loss. If you lost the phone on the street and you have a passport with you - look for the nearest communication store, because there the blockage and the issuance of a new SIM card is quite fast.

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