How to remove the taskbar

You will need
  • Computer running Windows XP, medium computer skills
In order to removepaneltasks�in the Windows XP operating system, there are several non-standard methods. Among them is a software method running in C ++. For the solution submittedtasksand in this way you should find the Shell_TrayWnd window and send the message: HWND hTray = FindWindow ("Shell_TrayWnd", NULL) - ShowWindow (hTray, SW_HIDE). To restore the paneltasks�send the following command: HWND hTray = FindWindow ("Shell_TrayWnd", NULL) - ShowWindow (hTray, SW_SHOW).
Another way to get rid of the standard paneltasks�is the use of auxiliary desktops. These are programs that replace the standard desktop, usually along withpanelYutasks. They have a number of different settings. You can also install special programs that solve this problem. They are distributed on the Internet for free.
There are also a couple of elementary methods for hiding the panel.tasks. You can set it to automatically hide it after moving the mouse cursor, for which right-click on the paneltasks�and click on the "Properties" line of the context menu. On the �Panel� tabtasks"Check the box next to the command" Auto hidepaneltasks».
Another simplest way to hidepaneltasks�is a decrease in its size. To do this, call the context menu of the paneltasksby clicking on it with the right mouse button and uncheck the checkbox next to the command �Fixpaneltasks". Then, holding the top edge of the paneltaskspull it down.

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