How to keep the memory of travels

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Dear friends, today we will tell you how to preserve the memory of travel in its original form. It will be not just a memory, but also an element of decor that will decorate any interior.

What we need:

  • State outline map (vector map can be found and downloaded on the Internet).
  • 3 sheets of cork (30 * 30 cm).
  • Masking tape.
  • Bright paint.
  • Brush.
  • Push pins.
  • A stationery knife.
  • Hot glue.

Let's get started!

Select any state you want and print it. Using a clerical knife, carefully cut along the contour.

Now we transfer the form of the state to the cork tree.

Carefully cut a cork tree shape.

It's time to add a little color! Using the painting tape, mark the places where you are going to paint. Making sure that the tape fits snugly to the cork, we begin to carefully paint over.

While the glue dries, we will create "notes" that will be mounted on the cork. We paste the buttons to the photos using hot glue.

Almost done! Remove the tape.

Looks amazing! Isn't that so?

It remains to fix on the wall and admire.

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