How to select the furniture for the dacha to make the right choice

Having missed the summer sun, clean air, measuredness, city dwellers rush to the countryside as soon as possible. Many dream of a country house, acquiring it, trying to create comfort in it, so that when you arrive you can relax your body and soul. Charming interior of the house can not be imagined without properly selected furniture.

The times when old, unnecessary things were taken to the country cottage house have sunk into oblivion, today they are trying to equip the country house comfortably, beautifully and functionally. Today, in stores, furniture for givingis presented for every taste, from various materials, with the help of which you can create a harmonious country house. One of the most popular and expensive is ecological furniture. It is made from such wood species as pine, oak, olive, chestnut or mahogany. Pine sets are the most democratic, easy to use and reliable.They look great both in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bedroom, ideal for small rooms, thanks to the white and sandy shade, it visually does not heavier the room, making it more spacious. Very popular furniture with the effect of aging from valuable species of wood: mahogany, olive, as well as oak. It is made by hand, can be made according to individual sketches. Such furniture is characterized by massive tables, cupboards, dressers, decorated with wrought iron elements. The cost of such furniture is much higher, but it will undoubtedly be able to emphasize the status of its owner. Wicker furniture for country houses made of willow, rattan and bamboo is of no less interest. It is done by hand, has attractive aesthetic qualities, due to the fact that all these materials are easily bent, so the design fantasy in the manufacture is not limited. Another widely used material in the manufacture of furniture is bamboo. Products from it are very light, not expensive, durable and elegant. There is also an alternative of polymers: steel frame braided plastic cords of any color.Such furniture is easy to clean, you can freely use it in open areas. From Italy came the fashion for garden furniture made of teak, tropical acacia and beech wood. It is distinguished by its bending strength, fracture, and is treated with compositions that protect it from moisture and sun. Not to mention wrought country furniture. Today, sofas, hangers, beds, banquettes, chandeliers, as well as garden benches, lamps, trays for firewood, and gratings for fireplaces are made of flexible material. Such products combine grace, fragility and at the same time cold resistance. Such furniture never goes out of fashion, such furniture can, if desired, be coated with special compounds that give the effect of antiquity. These are the main types of furniture for the garden, with which you can create your own, exclusive interior, which delights you for many years!

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