How to set yourself to achieve a dream


Dreams should come true!

Dreams should come true!

Many of us dream of a luxury car, a country house, a stable high-paying job and a loving family. And if you think that everything depends only on knowledge, skills or, in extreme cases, on luck or fate, then you doom yourself to failure in all your undertakings in advance! Why? Let's understand the mechanism for obtaining the desired and consider methods for achieving goals.


Make a dream with the power of thought!



Have you ever heard about the technique of autogenic training, often referred to simply as auto-training? The essence of such exercises is self-programming of the personality. You can tune yourself with such exercises both for a certain relationship with employees, neighbors, or just people who are nice to you, and for the desired result in business and creative processes.


The only plus and difference from his colleague in psychological programming - hypnotherapy,is the absolute concentration due to the combination of two "roles" - the patient and the doctor in one person.


It is necessary to conduct auto-training several times a day at the same time. Create for yourself an atmosphere of complete harmony and tranquility (it is necessary that you fully concentrate on the lesson), sit in front of the mirror on a chair, turning it backwards - so you, as it were, “saddle” luck. Without looking up, look directly into the eyes of your reflection and begin slowly and rhythmically aloud to inspire your reflection with the following text (it is advisable to memorize it, although in the first days you can read it from the page):



“I look myself straight in the eyes. I speak with myself only about myself.

For me it is time to leave the house and go my own way.

I do not know what awaits me and what fate has prepared for me, but I am absolutely sure the strength of my spirit and complete self-confidence will bring me luck.

There are things that still bother me, but I know that such excitement is just a fog that makes me panic.

I banish the anxiety that I see on my face and gain confidence.

I can change all my appearance, expelling these uncertainties and anxiety.

Mo spirit and body are one, they influence each other.

I order myself to straighten up, spread my shoulders and straighten my back.

My head rises higher.

I look at myself with a confident and firm look.

I am able to overcome any difficulties.

Now I will feel like a person who is completely self-confident.

Now I can go ... "



Become successful!



The second important aspect in programming yourself to achieve the goal is to develop an algorithm - a step-by-step plan that helps to “see” the path to your dream.



Step one is to define the goal.


"To sell something unnecessary, you must first buy something unnecessary"- said the wise cat from the cartoon voice of the actor Oleg Tabakov. In other words - to begin with, you need to define a clear goal for yourself. To say simply “I want a good job with a big salary and a short working day” will not work - the goal should not be generalized and transparent.


You need to do the following: Imagine your future work right down to the smallest detail - starting from the moment you arrive at the office at a convenient time for you until the minute when you leave the workplace, with love and anticipation of meeting looking around the photographs of the family, realizing that the completed working day turned out to be productive and quite profitable.If you have to work at home, then it will be even easier to take the first step - just close your eyes, forgetting for a few minutes about the public service you go to, and clearly imagine that everything that is around you at the moment and there is your workplace that generates income.



In addition to the field of activities and aspects of your future employment, it is necessary, as in real life, to see the daily routine of your dreams. Concentrate on how you take a suitcase, put expensive clothes in it, and below, at the entrance, you are already waiting for a taxi with an ordered trip to the airport. Three hours later you are already entering an expensive hotel room, and after another half an hour, lying on a sun lounger under the heating sun in a relaxed pose, you look at a laptop advertisement to sell the cottage east along the coast.



Or imagine a private house, completely built of log, massive, hidden in the depths of the forest, near the pond, with a fireplace at the entrance and high ceilings. Feel how tomorrow morning you will need to go to the garage, start your own car and drive to the city for groceries. All this “future” must be clearly seen now, thereby orienting itself towards this development of your life."It is easier to visit Red Square if you know that it is in Moscow."

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