How to sew a soft toy with your own hands - patterns and schemes

Despite the fact that the variety of modern products is impressive, many people prefer to sew soft toys with their own hands. And it's not about saving money. Handmade products are unique and valued higher than factory products. In addition, when sewing a soft toy with your own hands, you can bring to life any ideas. For the child, it will become the most beloved and dear, because it keeps the heat of my mother's hands. For sewing soft toys do not have to learn the skills of professional seamstress. In the phased workshops with photos everything is quite simple and accessible even for beginning needlewomen.

How to choose the material?

The following types of fabric are suitable for sewing large and small soft toys for children:

  • knitwear - the advantage of this type of fabric is that it stretches easily;
  • silk is not very docile when used, but is ideal for sewing dresses and various decorations;
  • artificial fur - used for sewing soft toys in the form of animals;
  • wool - dense material with a thief;
  • cotton - this material is distinguished by a variety of colors;
  • velor and velvet - due to hairiness it is possible to imitate wool in animals;
  • Felt - often used for sewing soft toys, because this material is obedient when used and pleasant to the touch.

The choice of fabric for sewing soft toys is selected depending on the purpose of a particular part, as well as personal preferences.

Types of soft toys

Today, the following types of soft toys are known:

  • classic - in the form of animals, people;
  • developing - game panels, suspended roundabouts and other;
  • soft rattles - inside sewing special mechanisms;
  • books - most often they are sewn of felt, but you can use another type of fabric;
  • soft cubes - foam covered with cloth;
  • soft balls - the main plus lies in the ease and functionality;
  • musical - inside built-in special mechanisms, when pressed on which are issued various sounds.

In size, soft toys are large and small, in shape - round, square and others, in length - short and long, in weight - heavy and light.It should be noted that the degree of softness of the toy depends on the density of the stuffing. In addition, a densely packed product is heavy.

How to sew a soft toy with a pattern with your own hands: a funny fleece teddy bear

If a child loves stuffed toys, you can make him happy with a funny fleece bear. He will become a good friend and partner in games. For sewing a cool little soft toy such pattern is used.

The contours of the parts need to be drawn on the cardboard, cut, and then cut around on the fabric. The diagram should have 2 body parts, 4 legs, 1 nose. In addition, on a white fleece, you must draw two circles of the same diameter. This will be the eyes of a bear.

Materials and tools

To sew a soft toy with your own hands from fabric according to the pattern, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • brown and white fleece;
  • ready-made pattern;
  • needle and thread;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • a small piece of artificial leather (a spout will be made from it);
  • filler;
  • two beads for pupils.

Step-by-step master class

So, we sew a simple soft toy with our own hands on the pattern, and a step-by-step master class with a photo, selected especially for beginners, will help to realize our plans:

    1. Cut from felt all the details.

    2. Attach white felt circles to the body and secure with pins. Then sew with a sewing machine or by hand.

    3. Connect the parts for legs two in two, fasten with pins. Then sew on. Unscrew.

    4. Combine the elements of the body on the two inside out. Insert the paws and attach them using pins

    5. Stepping back from the edge of approximately 5 mm, sew the parts from the wrong side. Leave the hole on one side to be able to fill the toy with printed material. Unscrew the product.

    6. Place inside the received billet filler. Sew a hole.

    7. Embroider the details: use a black thread to make a mouth.

    8. To create a nose, you need to cut out a circle of artificial leather. Then walk near the edge of the circumference with a “forward needle” stitch. In the end, do not fix the thread with a knot, but pull for it to allow the product to shrink.

    9. Sew a ready-made nose to the right place. Sew beads on white felt circles to mimic the pupils. The same black thread that was embroidered mouth, make eyelashes.

    Funny turned out teddy bear.

    You can attach a decorative flower to its foot or decorate it differently at your own discretion.

    We sew a soft toy with our own hands: a funny turtle

    You can make a soft turtle toy with your own hands easily and quickly if you have a ready-made template or a diagram at hand. It should be noted that such a product is suitable for use as a pillow or children's toys.

    The manufacturing process is so simple that even a fifth-grade pupil can sew such a soft toy even if she is in labor class, using the following pattern.

    Materials and tools

    The following list of materials and tools will be required:

    • fabric green and brown with a pattern (you can choose other suitable colors);
    • ready-made pattern;
    • filler;
    • beads or buttons for the eyes;
    • needle;
    • a thread;
    • scissors;
    • pin.

    On a note! A synthetic winterizer, cotton wool, foam rubber or other material is suitable as a filler for a soft toy.

    Step-by-step master class

    For beginners, step-by-step instructions will help you to sew a soft toy with your own hands:

    1. Transfer the pattern from paper to fabric. You will need 2 details of the tail, head, shell, 8 paws. It is important to note that the lower part of the shell should be slightly smaller than the upper one. Head, paws and tail will be green, and the shell - brown. Cut.On the workpiece intended for the upper part of the shell, make 4 darts (they can be seen in the photo). This will help give a bulge.

    2. Sew both parts of the shell between them, chipping them for convenience with pins. Leave a small hole through which the filler gets inside.

    3. Sew paws and head, leaving a hole for the filler. Fill the gasket is not too tight. Tail also sew, but you can not leave the hole, because it will not have to fill.

    4. Sew all the legs and head into place with a secret stitch.

    5. Fill the shell, sew the tail and sew a hole.

    6. Sew beads on the eyes or sew them with a black thread.

    In an embrace with such a turtle, the child will be happy to fall asleep, and in the afternoon you can not play.

    Master class on making soft toys with your own hands: a volumetric Hippo

    Even if the shelves in the nursery are crammed with toys, they will always find a place for a fancy Hippo. After all, he is so cute and beautiful that he has every right to claim the title of pet. And it is easy to make such a soft toy for children with your own hands.

    The scheme of making a soft toy in the form of a hippopotamus with his own hands is presented below. 24

    Material and tools

    To work will require:

    • high density cotton fabric (two colors);
    • paper pattern;
    • filler;
    • buttons for the tail and nostrils (3pc.);
    • small tape;
    • 2 beads or finished eyes.

    Step-by-step master class

    So, sewing soft toys for kids as follows:

    1. From the paper scheme to cut out all the details. Then attach them to the fabric and transfer the contours of the elements in the specified amount. Cut. The body can be made from a material of the same color. In this case, it is more convenient to cut the back and tummy in one piece. For this it is necessary to connect both parts of the paper pattern in the area of ​​the face. To select the legs, you can use a different color fabric.

    2. Combine the corresponding parts and sew them from the wrong side, leaving holes for the gasket.

    3. Unscrew the sewn parts on the front side and fill with padding polyester, cotton or other material used.

    4. To securely fix the eyes in place, you need to sew a piece of non-woven fabric on the back of the face.

    5. Sew back and tummy on the muzzle, if you use two parts, and not one piece.Sew side parts. At this stage you should sew the ears. If you do not do this, you will need to turn a part of the seam on your head from both sides. Also have to sew foot.

    6. In the area of ​​the inflection of the muzzle, slightly adhere the material and fix it with a pin. Next is to flash it.

    7. Thus, a blank with a non-sewn back edge was obtained.

    8. Unscrew the toy there.

    9. Now it's time to make eyes. To do this in a certain place, you must first make small cuts. Then it is necessary to fix the eyes. If beads are used, they just need to be glued. You can also use buttons for this purpose by sewing them with a thread.

    10. Stuff the toy with padding polyester or other material.

    11. Sew a hole with a secret seam. Take the braid and sew from behind, making a tail. Decorate with a button.

    12. Sew nostrils as in the picture.

    That turned out to be a funny Hippo. He is sure to become a favorite toy for the child. Even the smallest can play with him. But in this case it is necessary to take care of safety: to get rid of small details. It is not difficult to do this: do not use buttons and eye sights with a thread.

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