How to speed up the metabolism and maintain normal weight after losing weight

In the end, I lost weight from 65 kg to 50. I’ll tell you how I achieved this, what mistakes I wouldn’t allow, if I had to lose weight now, not five years ago, and why I don’t sit on diets and keep my normal weight (which is 53 kg).

It all started with the "Japanese diet." Sit down on this diet, I knocked my girlfriend. We have not lost weight. We simply reeled from the lack of strength and energy, endured for about three weeks and abandoned this diet.

We further refused to have a sweet - we didn’t stretch for too long, it was just the period of writing various term papers, active study at the university, it was difficult to think without glucose.

Weight began to decrease only when I stopped eating after six. Yes, this method helps to lose weight, of course. But to live in this mode, if you do not find something else for yourself (as will be discussed below), you will have a lifetime.This method of losing weight drove me into some terrible stress, especially when I had already lost weight to the right size and wanted to relax, but there it was: every dinner after six, scheduled meetings with friends, an invitation to the cafe in the evening - from my mood was spoiled beforehand, because I knew that the next day my stomach would bulge again, and it would not work to get rid of it in a couple of days. So I lived for at least two years, drinking hot tea without sugar in the evening, when my husband dined after work, and I wanted to keep him company. I understood that if I want to be slim, now I have to eat all my life, trying to have time for dinner until six, and wildly frustrated if I have to eat in the evening.

It is strange for me to look back and see myself, who is sad that she was invited to dinner at a cafe. Agree, this is just ridiculous. Now, if I'm hungry, I can eat and at eleven o'clock in the evening - everything will be fine. How did I come to this? I tell.

One truly beautiful day, surfing the Internet, I came across a video of a girl who works as a fitness instructor, being also a nutrition specialist.Thanks to her, I changed my lifestyle and calmly maintained my normal weight, not going mad in the gym (unfortunately, I almost can’t do fitness, if I do it, then with great caution, there is a very limited amount of exercise without harm to my health, and I rarely do them), nor at the dinner table. In food, I do not limit myself.

So, what helped me get off the "do not eat after six" and put in order the metabolism:

  • First, I started doing physical exertion. Since I can’t afford strength exercises on my legs and arms, as well as cardiovascular exercise, I can do exercises in abdominal muscles and gymnastics. There is a very wonderful five-minute set of exercises for the abs (video below), thanks to which I quickly gained good abdominal muscles in just a month in three regular exercises. Now I perform this complex once a week or even less, just to keep my muscles in shape. If you can do strength training, this is a huge plus for losing weight and maintaining a normal weight for the future, because muscles, even at rest, burn much more calories than fat;

  • I began to drink water. Many people cannot force themselves to do this, they say that their body does not take so much water (at least you need to drink two liters per day). I, too, could not drink so much, I poured water "through I do not want." And you know what? After some time, my body got used to drink water and at first stopped resisting, then began to demand more and more. I myself am surprised so far. Now I easily drink 2.5 liters per day, not forcing myself - it has turned from a conscription into a need. Therefore, I advise you to try not to give up, if you feel that “you do not climb” so much water in you, but to drink, drink, drink ... Most likely, you will end up with the same thing as me: an organism that cannot exit from home without a bottle of water, otherwise thirst will torment. To be honest, it seems to me that it is the use of such a quantity of water that allows me not to get better. Another important point that the dieters and non-eaters after six are made to mention out loud, and which I got rid of thanks to water: when we diet, often the body does not self-clean as it should be every day, there are also constipations. This is extremely harmful for us.Therefore, I repeat, it is simply necessary to drink water, especially if you are dieting and have the above problems.

  • I eat five to six times a day. It really works on losing weight and speeding up metabolism. There are three normal meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two - three snacks. Honestly, I’m over what I eat, I don’t bother, that is, I don’t cook special diet meals. I cook ordinary food for the whole family. We rarely eat fried or mayonnaise salads, and so - we usually eat. I try not to overeat, and, as I noted on my own, this is much more important than what I eat. If I needed to lose weight now, I would never sit on any diet, but would just get up from the table at the moment when I am almost full. It is this “almost” that also helps to lose weight very well, without harm to health and without diets.

There are still many ways to lose weight and maintain weight, accelerate the metabolism, many different products and recipes. But I am an ordinary, rather lazy girl, and for me, the simpler, the better, so I singled out three points to follow, and this is enough for me. I say that I have been living this way for at least two years,During this time I began to feel much better both physically (I write it off for drinking water) and also morally (since there is no stress “to have time to eat before six”, and the weight does not jump).

Another important point: I have never missed breakfast in my life. I always zatrkayu! This is a law that is not violated under any circumstances. It seems to me that it is a good breakfast that helps to avoid harm before lunch, if you do not have the opportunity to eat a normal meal. According to my observations, among my acquaintances, it is those who often neglect breakfast that they are having stomach problems.

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