How to spend Christmas: 7 interesting ideas

Svyatoj-Valentin-Andorra-5Christmas is celebrated in many countries of the world, and each in its own way. The Russians on this night traditionally try to please their loved ones and celebrate the holiday with them. Usually, Russians have several traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas. Many believing citizens, for example, consider it necessary on this day to attend church. However, this is not the only way to celebrate Christmas. You can spend it unusual, fun and interesting!

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate Christmas, if this year you want something special!

№ 1. Travel

Travel is always a great idea! For any holiday, and especially for Christmas! You can go to Europe and see how this holiday is celebrated there. Stroll through the snowy streets of Austria or visit one of the famous German Christmas markets.


No. 2. Board games

Such entertainment does not require a lot of trouble from you, however, it will definitely turn your holiday into something fun and exciting! The main thing is to gather at the table all the loved ones!


№ 3. Unusual drinks

Invite your friends and surprise them with one of the holiday drinks: mulled wine, mead, cider or punch.


№ 4. Theme party

A great way to not only get together, but also have an unforgettable time - a theme party. Come up with a theme and warn guests in advance - let them dress up appropriately and take some attributes appropriate to the occasion. For example, play in a pioneer camp or school!


№ 5. Karaoke

A great way to have fun and noisy Christmas! By the way, this is the traditional way to celebrate Christmas, if on Christmas Eve the evening was bright and quiet. Gather a large company of friends and acquaintances and sing all the Christmas songs you know!


№ 6. Christmas movies

If you want a home holiday, the best scenario will be to gather and watch some traditional Christmas films in a tight, cozy circle. Stock up on them in advance, and you have enough of this spectacle for the whole night!


№ 7. Family holiday

If you want to feel like a real host of the celebration, write a script for the holiday. Call your friends, let them come along with the children - you will prepare contests and surprises for guests of all ages!



These were seven unusual ideas how to meet Christmas! Share the article with your friends so that she and she can plan this holiday in advance!

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