How to stay young and beautiful after thirty

At this age, collagen production decreases, which is reflected in the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, the phrase Coco Chanel that “a woman has the age she deserves” will be appropriate here. Lack of skin care, poor diet, alcohol and smoking, in general, everything that you can afford at twenty is unpardonable at the age of thirty. Relaxation should not be given either in food or in self-care.

If you smoke, consider whether you can afford botulinum toxin injections, plastic surgeries, expensive creams? If not, quit smoking. Free radicals formed during smoking destroy collagen, the skin loses its tone. In addition, smoking causes vasospasm, which weakens the blood flow to the skin. As a result - loose skin with a gray tint.

If by the age of thirty you have too many small wrinkles, then you probably love to sunbathe.This phenomenon even has a name - photo-aging. Only in contrast to natural aging, photo-aging is caused by excessive love of bronze tan. Under the influence of ultraviolet elastin fibers are destroyed, not to mention the more serious consequences. Cosmetic procedures and products with UV filters, as well as reducing the time spent in the sun help to successfully combat photoaging.

Have you noticed that a sleepless night leaves traces in the form of dark circles under the eyes, tired facial expressions. Constant lack of sleep is equivalent to stress for our body. Yes, and the lack of sleep on the skin is reflected not in the best way: cellular regeneration slows down, the skin becomes dull, lifeless. So make it a rule to sleep 8-9 hours and not sacrifice sleep for other things.

Avoid stress. They are a catalyst for the formation of cortisol. The excess of this hormone in our body to anything. It is proved that cortisol contributes to metabolic disorders, therefore, constant stress leads to fat deposits in unnecessary places.

Thirty years is an age that is good in itself.No need to try to “disguise” his makeup and teen clothes, even if in your heart you are still the same twenty-year-old girl. It is much more important to look at the world openly, as in youth.

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